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  • House of Cleopatra

    House of Cleopatra

     “I’m sooo excited! 1 more stop and I will be at my new school.”

    She was tingling inside. How she couldn’t wait! In a rush, she turned to look at the sat n...

  • Mother-loving (Part 2)

    Mother-loving (Part 2)

    It was a long time ago. Soon to be king – Prince Edward sat on his bed. It was the day before his coronation. He sat and practised his rather sloppy wave. As the door, opened his hand flew...

  • Mother-loving (Part 1)

    Mother-loving (Part 1)

    “Shhh!” she giggled as she led him onto the cliff.

        Each day they came up to their spot and danced around.  Frederick attempted (each day) to do a 36...

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