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  • The Sahel Part 2

    The Sahel Part 2

    The Sahel – Water Scarcity


    The impacts of water scarcity


    The Sahel region has a fragile environment ...

  • The Sahel

    The Sahel

    The Sahel – Water Scarcity


    The Sahel Region – The Sahel is a strip of semi-arid land between the Sahara in the north and ...

  • Population in Russia

    Population in Russia

    Population Decline in Russia


    Russia’s population reached its maximum of 148 million people in the early 1990s (at the end of the Soviet era), an...

  • Mt Tambora Eruption

    Mt Tambora Eruption

    The Eruption of Mt Tambora 1815
    The eruption of Mount Tambora occurred on 10th April 1815 and was one of the mos...

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