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  • Climate change

    Climate change

    Climate change




    Weather is the condition of the atmosphere at a particular time and place, wit...

  • Progeria


    Progeria is the syndrome where symptoms suggest a premature age, such as Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome, Werner syndrome and Down’s syndrome.



  • Citric acid cycle part 4

    Citric acid cycle part 4

    Non-essential amino acid carbon skeletons (for example aspartate and asparagine) are made from oxaloacetate. Furthermore, alpha-ketoacids formed from intermediates obtain their amino groups from...

  • Citric acid cycle part 3

    Citric acid cycle part 3

    A reminder: Acetyl-CoA, citrate, iso-citrate, alpha-ketogluterate, succinate, fumerate, malate and oxaloacetate are all intermediates that are regenerated during each turn of the cycle. Addition...

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