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  • Climate Change Part 3

    Climate Change Part 3

    The UK will be affected by global warming in both positive and negative ways. There are positives such as more farming/ plantations and tourism but there are negatives such as flooding and other...

  • Climate Change Part 2

    Climate Change Part 2

    Scientists think that they were unable to adapt to new conditions. Weather and plant life were changing, affecting whole food chains. Some places were left drier one the glaciers- a source of me...

  • Climate Change

    Climate Change

    Around the age of the dinosaurs it used to be a lot hotter (100 million years ago). Average temperature has changed-decrease-increases/

    Global warming could be responsible for changing...

  • Plate tectonics Part 4

    Plate tectonics Part 4



    The power of an earthquake is measure using a seismometer. A seismometer is a sensitive machine, which picks up the vibrations caused by ...

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