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Liena Altai



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About Author:Sixth form student with an interest in a wide variety of topics such as languages, history, philosophy, politics and literature


S.No. Title Category Published Read More
31  The misrepresentation of Narcos *includes spoilers*  Films  22-10-2016  Read More
32  Theocracies   Religion  22-10-2016  Read More
33  French Revolution continued   History  16-10-2016  Read More
34  The French Revolution   History  16-10-2016  Read More
35  The rise of the far right in Europe  Politics  25-09-2016  Read More
36  The conscience debate   Philosophy  25-09-2016  Read More
37  Georgia O'Keefe  Arts & Crafts  10-09-2016  Read More
38  Is a foetus a person?   Philosophy  09-08-2016  Read More
39  Life of the prophet Muhammad  Religion  26-07-2016  Read More
40  Are we free?  Philosophy  26-07-2016  Read More

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