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Anastassia Puttnam

Anastassia Puttnam


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About Me:Hello my name is Anastassia Puttnam and I am one of the writers for kings news.I am always smiling and tremendously determined to do anything that is thrown at me. Furthermore people describe me as a quirky character with whacky ideas...that's why I now write these stories. However when I grow up I have always really wanted to be a doctor/heart surgeon, so thats my aim :)

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Angie was 16 and wanted to take up a gripping and unusual hobby. Nobody gave her any ideas; at first she thought she could become a professional skateboarder. Therefore, she went to the shop around the corner and bought a scary skateboard with a monster on it. When she got home, she put her 'bicycle helmet' on. Shaking with great trepidation, Angie slowly boarded her skateboard and stated to ride when, suddenly, she fell off. She continued to fall off over and over and over again. Finally, she decided to buy a violin, but she couldn't afford lessons, so she sounded like a cat that had just had their tail stepped on. So she sold it.


Every day she thought and thought hard...until finally, she thought of a hobby. YO-YOING! Angie ran as fast as she could to the shop to buy a yo-yo, when she got inside, there was only 1 more left. She pulled out all of the money she had and threw it at the shop keeper and ran out the door. When she got home she unwrapped the yo-yo and started to play with it. At first she couldn't even do the basics, so she threw it against the wall and thought 'why am I giving up so easily? I can do this, it’s not hard, I just need a little patience.' Angie got back on her feet and picked up the yo-yo and suddenly started to do loads of tricks and stunts. When she showed her Mum, she wasn't interested. Angie plodded off with her head hanging low. Her Mum didn't take any notice of her...ever! Years later, she became well known across the UK. Angie even got to perform in front of the queen.


When her Mum found out, she started to pay more attention to Angie; she even brought her a top of the range yo-yo to say sorry. Her Mum soon realised how much she had been ignoring her daughter. They soon became extremely close and both became even better at yo-yoing. 

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