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Nadege Preston

Nadege Preston


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About Me:Hi I’m Nadege and I study French at the University of Leeds, and I have just completed my third year abroad in Montpellier studying literature and enjoying the sunshine! I love art; painting and being creative, as well as photography and baking. Travelling is my favourite hobby at the moment; experiencing the French language and culture. I hope you enjoy reading some of my articles!

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Year Abroad Tips

Year Abroad Tips

1. The most important tip ever – DO NOT STRESS. What I have learnt during my year abroad is that you never get anything right first time. You will make mistakes and find things hard, but don’t worry, things will only improve. Also, you are not the only person trying to juggle moving to another country as well as settling in at a new University/work placement, so don’t worry, there will always be someone to help you. Make lots of lists of things which you need to do, so that you can tick them off one at a time. This will make you feel on top of all the chores and work you may have. Also, try your best at University or in work, but if you still feel like you’re failing or aren’t good enough, don’t panic about it. All you can do is your best and although it was overwhelming doing the same course as native French people, in the end I worked hard and got the grades needed to pass the year so it is possible, and there is no need to stress! Plus, it is different for many Universities as to whether the year abroad counts or not as part of your degree, but at Leeds University, you simply have to pass the year abroad. Although the grades you get don’t count towards your final degree mark, passing the year is not as simple and easy as it sounds. It is actually very hard as teachers will treat you like a French student, and will not give you extra credit because you are Erasmus or an international student. Consequently, try your hardest but remember that it will all work out in the end, and make sure you are still enjoying yourself. Do not get too stressed about work, instead go travelling at weekends and plan your time so that you have exciting things to look forward to, where you can do your work on the train journeys etc. At the end of the day, the year abroad is all about experiencing the culture, and having fun!


2. Find things to do. After a while, you may think you have visited many places, and are bored of where you live. Do not think like this, instead go wondering the streets and find cafes or shops you have never seen before. Go on 'TripAdvisor' and see which restaurants are recommended, or take the bus, train or tram to places you have never been. The possibilities really are endless and it is up to YOU to make the most of your year abroad. Additionally, what I found useful is going to language exchange nights, which are normally organised through Facebook events, and here you are able to speak to people of different nationalities, make friends, and improve your language skills. Also, nights like these usually take place in bars therefore you can enjoy your evening with a beer! 



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