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    Wolves, animals which are closely linked to dogs, are well known for being pack hunters as well as for their unmistakable howl, which they use to communicate with each other. This howl is usually associated with communication between a pack, but can also be used as a threatening call. These amazing animals populate large areas of North America, Asia and Europe and their numbers have begun to increase due to the efforts of conservationists.


    Although wolves will not intentionally attack humans, they can be very territorial and are still very dangerous to domestic animals. Hunting in packs of around 6-10 animals, they stalk and attack their prey together; usually deer and moose and occasionally other small animals such as birds, fish and snakes. These packs, which wolves hunt and live in are based on a hierarchical system, with the leader of the pack being the dominant male along with his mate. The male and his mate are the only members of the wolf pack who are allowed to breed, with the other members of the pack being charged with looking after and feeding the pups whilst the pack hunts. Being incredibly territorial, wolves will sometimes challenge the leadership in the pack, and often a new dominant male will emerge if the previous becomes too weak or shows a lack of leadership. There are a few species of wolf, the most common being the Gray Wolf. These wolves were hunted to near extinction, but now their numbers are improving thanks to mass conservation efforts.


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