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What it's like staying on a yacht

What it's like staying on a yacht

I was recently given the opportunity to stay on the Molly Malone, a beautiful 96 foot yacht capable of sleeping eleven guests alongside the four crew members. It was a level of luxury I had not previously experienced, and that most people would never get the opportunity to see. For this reason, I decided to share my thoughts on the trip with you.

The boat has three double bedrooms and one twin room, with a third fold out bed inside it. The sofa in the main living area also can be used as a bed. The crew sleep in bunks, with the captain having his own private room. There is a reasonable sized kitchen, a covered outdoor seating area towards the stern of the boat and sunbeds at the bow and on the roof. There are dining tables in the living room, stern and on the roof, and every bedroom has an ensuite bathroom and shower. Every room is panelled in dark, glossy wood, with a quilted white leather ceiling. The towels are embroidered with the initials MM, and throughout the boat there are fridges fully stocked with soft drinks and beer. Throughout my stay I kept thinking to myself that it didn’t feel like we were on a boat at all – it was far too comfortable for that. It felt more like a luxury hotel than a vehicle.

We left port in Antibes at about 10 am and were lowering the anchor in a little cove called Anse de la Scaletta, (anse being French for cove) within two hours. During the journey I explored the boat and was even allowed to drive it for a short while (under careful supervision from the captain). Once we had stopped, we were served a delicious lunch of orzo with pesto, pine nuts and sundried tomatoes as well as a nicoise salad with seared tuna. There was additionally a board heaped with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and melon, with an assortment of charcuterie and vegetables. The chicken was great for the fussy eaters onboard. I cannot overstate this food – it was divine. The quality of ingredients and the skill required to prepare it was incredible, especially considering it was prepared while on a ship!

After lunch we tried out the water toys onboard. The most exciting toy was the Seabob, a type of underwater jetski that pulls you around at remarkable speed, allowing you to explore more of the water from above or below the surface. The only issue is that the speed at which it can travel sometimes means you are in danger of losing your swimsuit! Regardless, we had a great afternoon in the water, with time for a spot of sunbathing before we set sail again. While we were swimming, the crew were attentive and helpful, with the first mate supervising those in the water and another crew member bringing fresh towels and a basket with a selection of sun cream.

Next we were headed for Monaco, to have dinner in the Hotel de Paris. After a lovely meal in the impressive hotel and a short visit to Monte Carlo’s casinos we caught a taxi back to the yacht for the night. Apart from the occasional sound of waves against the side of the boat, it didn’t feel like we were sleeping on a boat at all. Large panels sticking out of the bottom of the boat acted as stabilisers, reducing rocking motions to a minimum. When we awoke, well rested, we took a short walk uphill to The Prince’s Palace of Monaco and the cathedral where Grace Kelly was married and buried. On the way back to Antibes we stopped for another delicious lunch and a swim, this time with snorkels, since a shoal of fish had decide to investigate the boat.

My entire stay on the Molly Malone was like a dream – it was completely faultless. I would like to say a special thanks to the owner of the boat for his hospitality and generosity in allowing me the chance for such a unique trip. If you would like to rent the Molly Malone for your own holiday it will cost upwards of €54000 per week, so I really would not have been able to have a holiday like this without him.

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