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Vegan Snack Ideas: part 5

Vegan Snack Ideas: part 5

Some more ideas for snacks if you’re gluten free, vegetarian or vegan.


    1)   ITSU vegetarian Miso Soup  -  Despite declaring itself as vegetarian, this soup of also suitable for vegans, as it contains no animal products. However, it does contain wheat and barley, so is not suitable for those who cannot have gluten. Miso soup is slightly unusual at first, but after a few tastes, it’ll grow on you. The soup if filled with a delicious seaweed, with makes it more substantial and a lot more tasty. It’s a lovely light soup that you can prepare easily, by just adding hot water to the miso paste. It’s more filling than you would expect, and a great healthy snack. You can buy these in packs of three sachets, from most supermarkets.


      2)  Walker’s Sunbites Sweet Chilli  -  These are a tasty alternative to crisps, and much healthier too. They are lovely and crunchy, with a sweet chilli kick. Walker’s have really developed a sophisticated flavour, not only using chilli, but soy, paprika, onion, and more. This snack is perfect for vegetarians and vegans, but unfortunately, it contains some gluten, oats and soy, so is not suitable for anyone with allergies to those ingredients. These are available in multipacks in most major supermarkets.


      3)  Graze Dark Chocolate Cherry Tart  -  This packet contains a delicious mix of fruits nuts and chocolate to create a healthy, deconstructed version of a cherry tart. The product is vegan and gluten free, but contains soy and nuts, so please read the label carefully. Graze have combined chunks of beautiful Belgian chocolate, raisins, pecan nuts and dried cherries, and it tastes wonderful. The dried cherries are sweet and chewy, and the raisins are juicy. The chocolate is a particular treat, given that chocolate in most snacks contains milk. The pecans are crunchy, rich and buttery, and really bring all the flavours together. Although a bit on the pricey side, this pack is a really great snack and a healthy treat, that provides you with vitamins, protein and fibre, so I’d definitely recommend trying it if you can. You can buy it online, at some supermarkets and at health food stores.


      4)  Trek Cocoa Coconut Flapjack  -  If you enjoy Bounty bars, give this flapjack a try. It is vegan, and made from gluten free oats, so is suitable for almost everyone. The bar is satisfying and filling, and really has a lovely taste of chocolate and coconut, making it a refreshing and tasty treat. Also, this flapjack has a lot of protein, so is a good source of energy, and for helping your body repair itself. You can buy this flapjack at health food stores and most major supermarkets.

     5)  Meridian Peanut Bar  -  A relatively new product on the market, but already a successful one. Anyone who likes peanut butter will enjoy this bar. It is vegan and gluten-free, and packed with protein. It is very filling, especially given its size, and has a smooth texture and rich, creamy, nutty taste. These are a perfect snack for on the go. You can find these at health food stores and some supermarkets.



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