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Vegan Snack Ideas: part 3

Vegan Snack Ideas: part 3

Here are some more snack ideas to try if you’re vegetarian/vegan/gluten free:


      1)  Real Handful Blood Orange and Dark Chocolate  -  Another great snack idea from Real Handful, a packet full fruits nuts and even better, dark chocolate! This is a really tasty snack, especially if you fancy a shot of chocolate; the chocolate contains no milk, so is suitable for vegans too. The whole mix contains orange infused cranberries, blood orange flavoured sultanas,peanuts, and dark chocolate chips. All of the fruit is incredibly juicy and sweet, with the infusions of orange making a distinctly zingy taste. The chocolate compliments the fruits perfectly and the chips are a good size, and there are actually enough of them to enjoy, whereas with some fruit and chocolate packets, you only get a token couple of chocolate chunks. The peanuts have a nice crunch and subtle flavour, not overpowering the rest of the mix. I would definitely recommend trying this pack, It’s vegan and gluten free, and an easy way to get some fruit. These packs are available from Sainsburys, and online.


       2) Nakd Peanut Delight Bar  -  If you like Snickers bars, then you will definitely like this. This is essentially a healthy, fruit-based version of a Snickers bar. The bar comprises of a smooth peanut taste and an almost chocolatey flavour which is delicious. As with the other Nakd bars, this bar is made entirely from fruits and nuts, in this case, mostly peanuts and dates, and so it is gluten free, wheat free, and suitable for vegans. These bars are widely available in major supermarkets in the free-from section, and are also available in multipacks too. This flavour is easily one of the best of the Nakd bars, and is well worth a try.


       3) Go Max Go Mahalo Bar  -  This bar is as tropical as it sounds! It is filled to the brim with coconut and almonds. I.e, this is the vegan’s alternative to the Bounty Bar. I happened upon one of these bars in my local health food store, and was insanely excited, having been craving a Bounty yet being unable to have one for months and months and months. Suffice to say, I was not disappointed. The chocolate coating was indistinguishable from actual chocolate, and the centre of the bar was divine. If anything, the filling of this bar was slightly nicer than a Bounty. It was a perfect mix of creamy dessicated coconut, topped with crunchy almonds. I strongly recommend trying this bar if you can; it’s the perfect vegan alternative to a chocolate bar.

     4)  Nakd Posh Bits Cocoa Mandarin  -  This comes as a large pack, 130g worth, containing lots of beautiful chocolate orange tasting bites, in the shapes of stars, hearts and diamonds. I was initially skeptical as to how nice this product would be, but only a couple of bites in, and I was hooked. The bites are moist, with the perfect amount of softness, and are made of a delicious blend of cashew nuts, dates, raisins, cocoa, mandarin, rice flour, and a touch of natural flavouring. These are ideal for a snack when watching a film, or to have after dinner with friends. Honestly, the taste is lovely, almost like eating a very healthy Terry’s chocolate orange!



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