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Upcoming Films Spring 2015: Part 3

Upcoming Films Spring 2015: Part 3

This is my third and final article on the films I’m looking forward to in this season of cinema. I’m going to be looking at a long-awaited sequel, as well as a reboot of an old saga. I think both will be exciting to watch out for, because of their origins in previously successful films, and I hope they can live up to the original films.

To begin, I’ll be looking at ‘Pitch Perfect 2’. The first film in this series was a big favourite across the world, and led to a wave of A Capella choirs forming. The A Capella craze is still ongoing, so expectations are high for this sequel. Hopefully it will have all of the great A Capella tunes of the first one, and will still also have a great storyline to match. Often where sequels fail is in finding an original storyline, particularly in teen films like this one, and can just repeat the storyline of the first one or become too cliché. This film will have to move on from the first one to keep audiences interested. Press updates suggest that while the first centred mostly on the Bellas, the central accapella group, as the underdogs and trying to improve their reputation, this film will focus on the original characters coming of age and having to pass on the Bellas to the younger generation as they graduate from college. From the sounds of this, the films creators will have done a good job of keeping the story going, whilst not straying from what made the original so great.


Another film being released soon is the re-boot of the popular Jurassic Park series titled ‘Jurassic World’. This is extremely exciting, since the originals were such a big success and are so iconic in film history. It will be interesting to see the recreation of the dinosaurs with modern day computer animation technology. The film was originally planned to be released in 2005, but took ten years of development, showing just how serious a project this film has been. While it is a reboot in the sense that it is starting up the series again after a long time. It will in fact continue the series from where the previous films left off, starting 20 years later, when the Jurassic World theme park is now open. It will not so much focus on traditional dinosaurs, but on the creation of a new dinosaur via genetics technology, and will feature Chris Pratt as the lead character Owen Grady. From the trailer, the CGI and general feeling of the film looks fantastic. My only worry is that the storyline will not be true enough to the original or will become too same-y.

Films like these are so exciting because they are follow-ups to those that have become real classics. There is a pattern recently of restarting classic sagas, such as with the Star Trek films recently and the new Star Wars series coming soon. I can’t wait to see how these films do in the cinema and also to find out what other old treasures will be brought back in the future.


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