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TV: Little Mosque on the Prairie

TV: Little Mosque on the Prairie

If you’re looking for something new and different to binge-watch this summer, then here’s an idea for you! Why not start watching Canadian TV series “Little Mosque on the Prairie”? It’s about a small town in rural Canada, which has a relatively big Muslim community. The show’s premise focuses around how they get along with the white community, how they get along with each other, and most importantly how the problems we face are actually pretty similar.


At a time when only 5% of newspaper articles cover the issues facing Muslims, and the rest is pretty much a negative commentary, a TV series like this one is needed. Rather than blaming Muslims for problems with the economy or society, it doesn’t seem to cross most people’s minds to look at them in a different light. This series, directed by a Muslim woman, might be able to challenge that perspective in a way that nothing else could. Although it’s a light hearted comedy, it manages to address some serious issues, like racism and religious conflict. The fact that it’s so easy to sit down and just enjoy a good TV series has definitely helped its success, as you learn something from it, but you don’t feel like it’s a chore. It’s very subconscious. By this, I mean your views on Muslims might change, but you won’t really notice it because it’s in the context of a TV show.


As in most sitcoms, each episode brings a different problem the characters have to solve. Of course, there are some consistent themes, such as the rivalry between the mosque and the church. The mosque is located within the church building, so the reverend is also the landlord. Also within the confines of the church is Hamoudi Construction, a building firm owned by Yassir Hamoudi, one of the main characters. There’s a lot going on in that church!


There are six series in all, and although the small town they live in is always changing, some things will always remain the same. Children have difficult relationships with their parents. There are births, marriages, and probably even deaths. The imam will be trying to do his best for the community, but there will always be opposition in some form or another. But the whole townspeople, no matter how different, will always go to Fatima’s Café for good food and a good chat. Food is something that brings us all together, and it’s nice to see that this show actually tries to demonstrate that.


The cast is a very diverse one. All of the actors are Canadian, be they Canadian-Pakistani, Canadian-Italian or even partly Welsh. The main figureheads of the local Muslim community are a good mixture of young and old people, men and women, and it’s also quite racially diverse. As with every lovable TV show, each character has their own quirks, but at the end of the day you get to know them all like a family. You might be sad when you finish watching the show, but you’ll probably never forget the important lessons you learned, even if you learnt them whilst munching your way through your favourite TV snack.


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