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Dabeluchi Nnachetam

Dabeluchi Nnachetam


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About Me: Hello, I'm Dabbie (short for Dabeluchi). I am a student at Dartford Grammar School for Girls. I love reading mystery books, and solving the mystery with the author. I hope you enjoy reading my stories.

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Travelling to 1st place

Travelling to 1st place

I was lying in bed, trying to drift off to sleep, when it hit me like lightning; I knew what was needed to do to make the invention work.


     This invention is my ticket to 1st place. For the past few years, I have owned 2nd place but I think that this year is my year to shine as I have created the project to win.


     Carefully, I tiptoed to my lab where my project lay. I stayed up late that night. Throughout the night, I was fixing and testing. Lights flashed from inside the lab. There were BANGS and CRASHES that were extraordinary. “Keep it down! I’m trying to sleep!” they complained. Groaning, I igmored them. After a quick drink of coffee, I pulled down my mask and continued blow torching. Gradually, I fell asleep on my chair with a wrench in my hand.


     I was awaken by a buzz on my watch. Oh no! I almost forgot that I have a presentation. Rapidly, I got dressed and pulled the project (which was on wheels) downstairs. Oohs and aahhs were heard as unveiled my project. “Please may I have a volunteer?” I asked looking at the audience – of only 3 people – and picked Mum. As I opened the portal, I explained to mum about what she had to do. I set the settings to Ancient Greece and mum stepped in and out again. She came out dressed in robes with a script in her hands speaking greek. They all clapped.


     Later that night, my watch began to vibrate. A message popped up saying “INTRUDER!” I got out of bed and slipped into my slippers and ran to the lab. I was just in time, for the intruder was entering the portal. As quick as a flash, I pulled the hand before they escaped.”Hey! Leave me alone!” a female voice said. She turned to look at me.


     Julia! Julia is my big twin sister, who is obsessed with her youtube channel, she can be extremely annoying so you shouldn’t be on her bad side.


     Why? What? Get out of there! You don’t know how to work it. It still needs a few tweaks.” I explained. She rolled her eyes.


 “It’s the perfect video to boost me up to 1000 likes. It’ll be fine just let go of my hand so that I can climb out, deal.”


“Fine!” I wasn’t entirely sure that this was the right decision. As promised, I let go and she tucked her hand in, falling into the portal.


    Feeling needed, I jumped in as the portal began to close. I pulled her out. Slam! I hit the off button. Everything happened so fast I was breathing heavily. Julia fixed her eyes on me and her cheeks went red; her cheeks only go red when she’s angry and she has a particular look. She had that look on her face. Oh no!


     “Mum and Dad are waking up!” I whispered looking at her. She grabbed my hand whilst saying “Run!” in a quiet voice. We ran into our rooms and jumped into bed. Mum came into each of our rooms to check on us.


     KNOCK! KNOCK! It was Julia! We talked and it ended with a hug. That day, I came home with a gold medal from the annual science convention.


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