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Top Ten Tips for Staying Safe at Night

Top Ten Tips for Staying Safe at Night

Suitable for 15+!

As many of us get older, our parents are going to start worrying about what we get up to on Friday/Saturday (or even weeknights!) out at a nightclub, concert, or a pub. Many of these places run under 18 nights, and although there’s no alcohol, it’s important to prevent yourself from getting into any trouble. These ten tips are really easy to follow, and they won’t stop you from having lots of fun!


1. Never leave your drink unattended. It can be any kind of drink – it doesn’t matter. If you leave it alone whilst you go to the loo, or you look away for too long, someone might be able to tamper with it. It’s unlikely, but why take the risk? Get a friend to hold it, or if you have to go immediately, just leave it and don’t pick it up again.


2. Avoid going home alone if it’s late. This is possibly the most important tip, as victims of crime are usually targeted because they are alone. Stay over at a friend’s, or ask them to stay with you – as well as being a fun sleepover, they will usually say yes because it’s good for the both of you.


3. Be polite if someone talks to you. If a stranger approaches you in the club, it’s best to let them down gently if you don’t want to talk to them. If they persist, just walk away. Better to avoid confrontation this way!


4. Don’t get in an unbooked cab alone. You may have seen the horrifying adverts on the Tube advertising the risks of doing this, but it’s true all across the country. Have a taxi company programmed into your phone, or on a keyring, so that you can call them at the end of the night and be dropped home safely. These cabs are more reliable, because they can be tracked, and the taxi office will know where the driver is going.


5. Don’t accept drinks from strangers. Even if they’re just being kind, you shouldn’t have to feel obliged to somebody. Looking after yourself and getting your own drinks means you don’t owe anybody anything.


6. Keep your wits about you. Though we can all get a little caught up in the party atmosphere, be aware of your belongings when in crowded spots, and basically just be sensible anywhere else.


7. Stay cool. Again, the party atmosphere makes everybody sweaty, especially if a concert is on as the entire venue will be packed. Many venues have a space for smokers to go – and although the air may be filled with smoke, it’s better to go outside where it’s cool than to stay indoors and get super dehydrated.


8. So, drink lots of water! Tap water is, by law, free. Sometimes, you don’t even have to go to the bar to ask – security at concerts often give out water bottles. Or try and take some in yourself, if you can.


9. Pace yourself. If you’re feeling tired, take a seat somewhere. Go home early if you want – nobody should judge you. If it gets towards the end of the night and you feel miserable, it’s a sign you probably should have paced yourself.


10. Wear comfy shoes! Happily, most guys don’t wear high heels. But girls shouldn’t feel the need to either. If you want to wear flats, not only is it more comfortable, it’s also more practical. You can enjoy whatever event you’re at in comfort. You will remember the fun parts of the evening, and not how much your feet hurt.


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