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Top Ten No-Bake Recipes

Top Ten No-Bake Recipes

Want to make yourself a delicious home-made treat, but don’t trust yourself with the oven just yet? No problem. Have a look at this list, which will give you ten different goodies you can make yourself just by putting in the fridge for a few hours. If you want different variations of what’s on here, or more specific instructions, get onto Google and find some – there are so many different things you can try!


1. Cheesecake. This delicious dessert is actually best when it’s not baked, in my opinion. All you need to do is mash up some digestive biscuits, pour and mix in melted butter (this can be done in a microwave), and crush into the bottom of a tin. Then get 2-3 tubs of mascarpone cheese, and mix in some sieved icing sugar and flavouring. Spread this on top of the biscuit base and leave to set in the fridge for a few hours. Bingo!


2. Rice Krispie cakes. This one also uses a microwave, but it’s a primary school favourite. All you have to do, pretty much, is mix Rice Krispies and melted chocolate together in a big bowl, then put into cake cases and leave to set in the fridge for a few hours. Done!


3. Rocky Road. This is a chocolatey treat with marshmallows, biscuits, and sometimes nuts in. Just melt the some chocolate and butter together in a microwave, then put whatever you want into it – biscuits, fruit, nuts, cereal etc. Spoon onto a tray lined with baking paper, and you guessed it – leave to cool in the fridge for a few hours.


4. Peppermint creams. If you like sweets, then this could be a perfect fit for your craving. Whisk an egg until it’s frothy, then gently add a lot of icing sugar, and mix in until the mix is stiff. Then, add some peppermint flavouring, and maybe some colour if you’re feeling fancy. Roll into balls, flatten them into circles, then leave in the fridge for 24 hours.


5. Ice cream. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, likes ice cream. But it’s quite easy to make yourself, even if you don’t have an ice cream maker. Check out google for different ways of making it – it’s a fun thing to do with family or friends.


6. Trifle. To be honest, all you have to do for a delicious trifle is buy custard, strawberries and lady finger biscuits (or use trimmings of awkwardly shaped sponge cakes you’ve made recently). Place the cake/biscuit layer at the bottom, add a layer of jam or fruit, then spread the custard evenly over the top. If you want, you can finish it off with squirty cream, but it’s not necessary.


7. Smoothie. All you need here is a blender. Chuck your favourite fruits into a blender, possibly with some ice and a little bit of sugar to take the edge off. Blend until smooth, pour into a cup and drink. Although it’s high in sugar, it still counts as one (or possibly more than one) of your five a day!


8. Milkshake. You can make these similarly to smoothies, but they’re a lot more fattening. Scoop some ice cream into a blender and add some milk, then blend and pour into a cup. Add in a straw and enjoy. A cooling treat on a hot day!


9. Banana split. Ice cream, bananas, chocolate and cream make this dessert a favourite worldwide. It’s not healthy, but you probably have enough ingredients lying around in your house to make a basic one.


10. Chocolate buttons. All you need to do here is melt some chocolate, milk, dark or white, then try and get them into disc shapes like the shop-bought ones. However, you can add a personal touch to yours – you can add food colourings or different flavours to white chocolate, especially.


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