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Top Ten Christmas Gift Ideas

Top Ten Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas less than a month away, you might be a bit stumped for ideas on what to buy your friends. If you can think of something fantastic and thoughtful, go for it! The fact you’ve put a bit of thought into it will surely please them no end. However, if you’re buying something for someone you don’t know very well, or are buying something because they got you something, check out this list for some cheap and readily available gift ideas for inspiration. We’ll get off to a great start with the first 5, but if you want even more great ideas, go straight on to Part 2.

1. Chocolate. This old favourite has never gone badly. Try to avoid chocolates with nuts in, as they might be allergic. Celebrations or Cadbury’s Heroes seem to go down very well, as these types of chocolates are popular with both kids and adults. They’re not as sophisticated as most chocolate boxes, but everybody loves them, and you can never have too much chocolate.

2. DVDs/CDs. A DVD of a new movie release, or a TV series they talk about a lot, would be a great way to show you’ve listened to their talk of what they’ve been getting into. Perhaps if you saw a film together that they really liked, you could buy them a special edition of that DVD with some cool extra features they could enjoy. Equally, if you know they love a particular band, you could buy them an album. Most people tend to listen to music online nowadays, but there’s nothing like owning a physical copy.

3. Gift cards. There are so many different types of gift card these days, for clothes shops, cinemas, restaurants, even places like Homebase and B&Q. It gives both you and them a lot of choice for what to buy, and it also gives you the advantage of not buying something they don’t like, as they can choose for themselves. However, if you do get a gift card, don’t be too stingy - £10 is usually a decent amount for a teenager, but in many cases £5 won’t get them very far.

4. Bath/shower gift sets. People will usually end up with a lot of these at Christmas, because they are often seen as “unimaginative”. That they may be, but you can always get something unique. Most people buy pre-packaged gifts from supermarkets, but you can do something different. You can go into Lush and make your own, custom gift with all the weird and wonderful things they have in there! Besides, everybody loves a bit of Lush now and then, because it smells and looks so much better than most boring stuff. Where else can you buy a bath bomb that turns your water bright pink and glittery?

There are just 4 examples of how you can make generally “unoriginal” gifts a thoughtful and well-considered present. Join us for part 2 to get some more gift ideas that your friends will really thank you for!

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