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Selina Pascale


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About Me:I'm a graduate student studying International Criminal Law and first started writing for King's News almost 4 years ago! My hobbies include reading, travelling and charity work. I cover many categories but my favourite articles to write are about mysteries of the ancient world, interesting places to visit, the Italian language and animals!

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Top Italian Films Part 3

Top Italian Films Part 3

As the list draws to an end it’s time for a classic romantic film that had teenagers throughout Italy in a frenzy and a classic film of a man with a hidden past and a deep love for cinematography.


Tre Metri Sopra Il Cielo (Three Metres Above The Sky)

I’m going to add Tre Metri Sopra Il Cielo, a romantic film from 2004, to the list not because I adored it particularly but purely due to the flood of fans it attracted. Indeed the film’s interpretation of Federico Moccia’s book was a huge success and starred the heart throbbing Italian actor Riccardo Scamarcio. Set in the soul city of romance, Rome, the film follows the emerging love story between Stefano Mancini, known as ‘Step’, and Babi Gervasi. It appears to be a love story never meant to evolve. She is a model student who enjoys a comfortable family orientated life style and parties with friends whereas he is a rough boy who grew up with a chip on his shoulder. Although forbidden by her parents, a love story does flourish between the two of them and Babi, blinded by love, begins to miss days of school and defying the model student she used to be. She is not her usual self and the film carefully depicts how love can change a person and turn their world upside down. It’s the perfect description of a teenage love, and a great story for all those who believe in Italian romance in Rome!

Cinema Paradiso (Cinema Paradise)

It is said that this film set off the trigger that brought Italian films back to life. Cinema Paradiso, also known as Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (New Cinema Paradise), is a wonderful 1988 film shot mainly in Sicily and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore and features many prominent Italian actors such as Leopoldo Trieste. The film is initially set in Rome where Salvatore Di Vita, a renowned Italian director, is informed by his girlfriend one night that his mother had called to say that a man called Alfredo has passed away. When his girlfriend questions him about who Alfredo is, Giuseppe gets lost in his own thoughts as a long flash back to Salvatore’s past clears up how the two knew each other. At the young age of six Salvatore, nicknamed Toto, was madly in love with films and spent as much time as he could at Cinema Paradiso, the local film house in his town in Sicily. A projectionist, known as Alfredo, lets the young child watch films from the projection booth and the two become great friends. Midway through some of the shows the audience would boo as the film would jump from one scene to another, this is due to orders from the priest who sought to eliminate all romantic scenes from the screenings. Throughout Salvatore’s upbringing Alfredo teaches him the art of cinematography often quoting famous citations from films. One day Cinema Paradiso catches on fire and just before Salvatore can save the projectionist some film reels explode in Alfredo’s face leaving him blind. During his high school years Salvatore continues to work at the film house and Alfredo continues to persuade Salvatore to leave town in order to be successful in cinematography. Salvatore does as his teacher advises and is amazed upon his returnal to his town for Alfredo’s funeral to learn that the cinema is going to be turned into a parking lot. Alfredo’s widowed wife approaches Salvatore with something Alfredo has left for him, full footage of all the romantic scenes that had been censored from films. It is now up to Salvatore to make amends with his past and put the footage together, creating a film worthy of recognition which breaks from the judgemental religiousness in his home town making people fall in love with Italian films once again.




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