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Top 10 Quick Meals: Part 2

Top 10 Quick Meals: Part 2

The Top Three of this list were some of my favourite meals. I’m always a fan of egg fried rice, and I love making it. None of those meals were very healthy, but they were quick, and do contribute to a balanced diet. Hopefully this time round we’ll have some healthier options for those concerned about having a healthy lifestyle!


4. Soup. Soup is often seen in a tin, but homemade soup is really easy to make as well. There are literally thousands of recipes on the internet, and you can pretty much use whatever combination of vegetables you like. Cream of tomato soup might not be too good for you as it contains a lot of cream, but other vegetable soups can be really nutritious and filling. Find one that’s best for you! The process of making soup is a bit like making a smoothie, in that you blend all the ingredients together in a food processor. Then you heat it up over the hob, and serve with some nice crusty bread. Traditional, but simple and effective.


5. Curries (with a jar of sauce). Not everybody has the time or money to maintain a full spice rack, and lots of curry recipes on the internet require weird and wonderful spices not readily available in the corner shop. Happily, you can buy jars of sauce, which still taste good and save you lots of bother. All you’ll have to do is make up some rice, fry some chicken/tofu/paneer, and maybe cook some naan in the oven. Granted, it’s not homemade, but it is quick and easy.


6. Stir fry. This is made slightly similarly to egg fried rice, in a wok. The difference here is that you’d probably use noodles, and you can be a bit more adventurous with vegetables and the level of spiciness. Still, remember to cook the meat first, and make sure it’s cooked throughout! If it’s not you run the risk of getting food poisoning, which is a really, really unpleasant experience.


7. Welsh rarebit. This is the fancy name for cheese on toast, but it is truly wonderful. Just put some cheese on some bread, and put it under your oven’s grill for a few minutes. Keep a close eye on it though – you don’t want it to burn! Even if you don’t trust yourself using the grill at home, you can make a cheese sandwich and pop it in a “toastie” bag. These bags are made of a special material, and they let you put your cheese sandwich inside the toaster (without said toaster getting covered in cheese). Your perfect toastie will be done in 3 minutes, and you can wash and reuse the bag. You can buy these from Asda and many more places on the high street, these days.


In the final part, we’ll see what the last three suggestions are for a quick and easy meal, so you can put one of these recipes to the test and try to impress your family. See you next time!


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