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Top 10 Hunger-Satisfying Junk Food

Top 10 Hunger-Satisfying Junk Food

We all love junk food, right? Everybody needs to treat themselves once in a while. Though it’s certainly not good for your health, eating it in moderation won’t do you any long-term harm. However, some unhealthy foods are better than others. If you want something that’ll stop the rumbling in your tummy, look no further!


1. Crisps. Although most of us would prefer some Walker’s originals, try opting for Walker’s Baked or other baked crisps. Because they’re not fried, they have a lot less fat. And in my opinion, baked crisps taste much better than fried crisps!


2. Ice cream. Whilst very high in sugar and fat, ice cream contains calcium and a bit of protein. Calcium is something that many of us lack in our diet, and it’s good for us because it strengthens our bones and teeth. For something lower in fat (but not sugar), try frozen yoghurt. This used to be a bit hard to get, but now most supermarkets will stock some form of it.


3. Restaurant meals. Eating out isn’t just about the food, it’s a whole social occasion. Many restaurants will offer healthy-ish meals, but that doesn’t mean you need to go under 500 calories. Just choose something with vegetables and other parts of a balanced diet, and you needn’t feel too guilty.


4. Chocolate. If you choose a chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa solids (so dark chocolate, not Cadbury’s unfortunately), the cocoa can release endorphins which might make you feel happier and more relaxed.


5. Healthier cake options. We all love a good cupcake, but they’re full of fat. Check out the gluten free or diet section of the supermarket, and brands like Weightwatchers will have made brownies etc. with reduced calories. Not pretending it’s good for you, it might just be a better alternative.


6. Fish and chips. As we go further down the list, the junk foods become less and less easy to justify! I’m not going to tell you that deep fried potatoes and fish is good for you, but oily fish contain omega 3, which is good for joints. People lack this in their diet, so if eating fish and chips is the only way you’ll get any omega 3, then it’s better than nothing… right?


7. Pizza. Everybody loves pizza. Cheese contains calcium and dairy, but also lots and lots of fat. You might be able to improve your pizza by making your own, including making your own sauce with chopped tomatoes, so it’s actually got some of your five a day.


8. Burger and chips. Ok, ummmm… no, I got nothing.


9. Kebab. Nope. An average kebab often contains more than your daily allowances of calories and fat, and has little nutritional benefit.


10. Chinese food. Chinese food is great, but the rice and noodles are fried. Also, it usually leaves you mysteriously hungry half an hour later, meaning you go back for more food. Some traces of MSG have also been found in some Chinese takeaways, so watch out.


If I could tell you that pizza was healthy, believe me, I would. But you can eat it in moderation, and try and choose healthier options if you can!


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