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Toffee Pears and Bananas (A new twist on an old favourite)

Toffee Pears and Bananas (A new twist on an old favourite)

With Halloween fast approaching the most common food related to the holiday is toffee apples! However, this tradition is becoming far too mainstream and boring. Why not substitute the everyday apple and swap it for another kind of fruit, maybe pears and banana slices? Sticky, sweet and occasionally a nightmare to eat they are perfect for Halloween!


Difficulty Level: 2.5/5 (BUT BE VERY CAREFUL WITH HOT TOFFEE!)



225g Demerara Sugar

110ml Water

½ Tsp. Vinegar

2 Tbsp. Golden Syrup

25g Butter

3 Pears

3 Bananas

3 Wooden Skewers (for the pears)

Lots of Cocktail Sticks (for the banana slices)

Red Food Colouring



- Dissolve the sugar in the water over a low heat. Once this has dissolved add the vinegar, syrup, red food colouring and the butter and bring to a boil. Most advise that you don’t stir the mixture whilst it is boiling. The sugar will be extremely hot and will burn you if you touch it, so be very careful!

- Boil the mixture for about 10 minutes, or until it begins to harden and reaches the hard-crack stage.

- Whilst you are waiting for this to happen you can prepare the fruit! Wash the pears and pierce them with the wooden skewers right down the middle. Peel the bananas and thickly slice them and pierce them with the cocktail sticks, ready to dip into the toffee. Prepare a baking tray to stand them on for when you have coated them. You can either butter/oil the tray or put down some baking paper so that the toffee doesn’t stick.

- Once the toffee is ready then dip a pear in at a time, twisting it around so that you get a good coating of the blood red toffee. Then leave it on the tray, sticks facing upwards, to cool down.

- Do the same with the banana chunks, which will end up being bite sized toffee treats. Particularly good if any of your guests have braces and cannot bite into the pears!

- Repeat this process with the other 5 pears too until finished!

- Leave them to cool and harden for a while. They are best made the day before or earlier in the day if for a Halloween party in the evening!



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