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Hey, my name is Zarrin. These are some of my tips and tricks of how to get past crazy SATS! 

When the weekend came before SATS I became very paranoid with my family. I was panicking 24/7; I didn't really know what on earth to do and how to prepare. I just had to go over my weak spots. I don't know about your school but we did some relaxing meditation and had fruits as well as biscuits during the morning. Suddenly... The papers arrived. Our head teacher had brought the sealed papers into the hot room with 60 children. 

As soon as the papers came in I had a rush of anxiety go through my spine. Minutes later, we left the room and distributed into our classes. As soon as the papers were open NO TALKING WAS ALLOWED! 

Tips for SATS:

* Take deep breaths

* Don't be late for school otherwise you will stress out (WHICH IS EXTREMELY BAD)

* Have a big breakfast and carbohydrates, e.g. porridge, toast

* Have a good long sleep definitely don't sleep late!

*Make sure you have a good preparation

*Be organised

*Revise on old SATS papers and see were you went wrong

* Dont get distracted during your SATS

* Have good preparation - at least 1 and half hours of studying


So, as you might know, every person is extremely different. There are 2 types of people: 1) the confident goup, which are confident but not arrogant. 2) is another group which are extremely nervous but when they sit the papers they are okay.

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