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Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park

For any of you thrill seekers out there Thorpe Park is a must! Situated on an island in a lake in Staines in Surrey, just 30 minutes on the train from central London, it is an ideal location if you're visiting London and looking for something away from the main city. Staines is also near Windsor so it's worth visiting such attractions as Windsor castle and Legoland too if you're staying in the area. Apart from its great location, Thorpe Park offers a hundred more reasons to visit for the avid thrill seeker! If you're brave enough you can dare to conquer the SAW ride or face the fear of being locked in on X- No Way Out! If it's water rides you're after then the log flume Tidal Wive (which is named very appropriately) is certain to drench you and anyone watching within quite a large radius! Alternatively enjoy a ride down the river rapids, just watch out for anyone spraying you on your journey! Don't worry though, there are several large dryers to ensure the whole family dry off and don't end up with wet clothes all day long. Of course if you're a real thrill seeker you could just dry off by riding the Colossus, a true thrill seeker's ride featuring ten inversions (loop the loops/barrell rolls/corkscrews) which held the world record until 2013. If you're not afraid of spirals then Colossus may be the ride for you, and even if you do leave a little dizzy, at least you'll be dry!

If you're not all for being tightly strapped down and prefer to feel the wind rushing towards you as your legs dangle then why not try the hanging rollercoaster Nemesis Inferno? It's amazing how the 'G force' prevents your legs from moving during the loop the loop, preventing you from accidentally kicking yourself! Of course the real thrill must lie with Stealth, the ride that famously accelrates from 0-80mph in just 1.8 seconds! (trust me that's much faster than any driver you've ever seen pull away fast at traffic lights.) The ride accelerates into a 205 foot climb (which is very very high) only to then drop just as fast. Though it is a short duration this speed coaster is the fastest accelerating in Europe and one of the tallest, encouraging visitors from all corners of the world to come and ride it! No worries if you're not even that big on rides because the walkthrough SAW maze is an experience you are guaranteed to remember, especially if you visit on one of Thorpe Park's Fright Nights! The SAW maze features live actors in gruesome reconstructions of some of the traps from the SAW movies. Gruesome and terrifying the SAW maze will test the nerves of even the bravest adventurer.

Of course there's ample oppurtunity for the whole family and the new Angry Birds Land is ideal for a younger audience. New this year, Angry Birds Land offers the oppurtunity to experience the popular app in real life, battling between birds and pigs in the dodgems, acting as the bomb in 'the detonator' skydrop or coming face to face with the Angry Birds in the 4D cinema experience! Also for a younger audience there 's the Flying Fish rollerocaster, Logger's Leap mini flume and Mr Monkey's Banana Ride just to name a few. So what are you waiting for? For a thrill seeker's paradise and fun for the whole family why not head on down to Thorpe Park resort and have the time of your life?!


IMAGE: - The new Angry Birds Land advert for Thorpe Park. 

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