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The Wind Singer by William Nicholson

The Wind Singer by William Nicholson

The Wind Singer by William Nicholson is a book situated in a fantasy world full of myths and legends and mysterious objects. The book is based in a city named Aramanth, which is an incredibly powerful city that was built on the salt trade. The city divides its citizens into castes depending on their level of intelligent. The most intelligent citizens have the most wealth and best jobs, whereas the least intelligent citizens live in the poorest area with the worst jobs. There are levels between these two extremes in the caste system.


Our hero and heroine, siblings Bowman and Kestral Hath, live in a middle caste in Aramanth. The key land structure in the city is a tower in the centre named the Wind Singer. This mysterious object used to make noises which repelled external forces of evil, namely, the Morah and her Zar army. However, the Wind Singer has stopped singing long as this book starts, and this is an issue that has to be resolved before the book is finished.


Of the two siblings, Kestral is the most rebellious and hates the caste system she is forced into. As a show of her rebellious nature, she climbs the Wind Singer, and subsequently lands her family in a lot of trouble! The whole family is demoted to a worse caste and she is expected to go to school that will remedy her behaviour. Rebellious Kestral cannot think of anything worse, however, and decides to run away to escape the punishment.


However, in fleeing she comes across the Emperor and he sets her the task of finding the missing talisman to make the Wind Singer sing again. In this task, she takes her brother along and also a friend they make called Mumpo. They have to travel outside the walls of Aramanth in quest that is both dangerous and exciting to read about. Some points will definitely have you clutching your book in suspense!


Whether Bowman and Kestral find the talisman is for you to discover! I will tell you, though, that they have a hugely important part to play in the fate of the city of Aramanth! And what’s more, the legendary and evil Morah and her Zar army are much more of a real threat than anyone could have guessed whilst living in the peace of Aramanth. I hope you’re excited about this book as I was about reviewing it!

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