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Emma Eismontaite

Emma Eismontaite


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About Me:Hello! My name is Emma, and I'm fifteen. I do tennis as well as horse-riding. Also, I love Art and English, and have chosen to write stories because I love creative writing! x

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The Whale

The Whale

The Whale


I was in my room, reading a comforting book and a cup of hot chocolate, when I heard a deafening clang! And the jolt threw the scalding hot chocolate onto my lap. I hissed in pain and put the hot chocolate onto my beside table. Strangely, though, the cup slid onto one side of the table, and when I stood up, the floor felt lopsided. Is the ship sinking? I thought with a horrible pang in my chest. This was meant to be a relaxing cruise, not some disaster scene from a movie.

     I drew back the draping curtains, which covered the extra thick windows. I had a room that was underwater, for this ship was big, and there was lots of space. Plus, this room cost me a fortune!

     Anyway, I looked through the glass into the murky water, and just had a small glimpse of some sort of tail swimming past. Only, it didn’t look like a tail. More like the longest and thickest lamppost I’ve ever seen. I rushed to my door and swung it open, where a bucketful of water came gushing in, and sirens screamed in the corridors. Oh no. My insides screamed. Am I too late? How could I have not realized?

     A random person, who I suspected was a butler, came running down. The corridor was definitely sloping downwards at one end.

     “Miss, you have to get out of there! It’s not safe! Put your lifejacket on and come up onto deck with me!” He shouted and beckoned over to me. Instantly, I put on my lifejacket and stumbled my way over to him, and, together, we climbed up the escape route onto the deck.

     Here, a load of people were shrieking and panicking, and a bunch of security people were trying to calm everyone down. Some were trying not to slide off the edge (which was visibly slanted) and others were cramming people onto lifeboats.

     I went calmly over to the edge, held onto the railings and saw this: a humongous creature, possibly a colossal whale, swimming around the sinking ship, its massive fins spread out and its tail swishing. I gasped. I had always had a love for nature and animals, but what was it?

     “Hey there!” I called over to the butler who had rescued me earlier. “What on earth is that creature?”

     “Absolutely no idea! Apparently it’s some sort of shark or whale, but it hasn’t been identified. All we know, is that it has just taken a huge chunk out of our ship!” he said.

     I leaned over the railings and saw a gaping hole in the side, where tones of water was gushing in.

     “If I were you, I wouldn’t stay too near the edge, Miss. How about getting on one of the lifeboats?” the butler suggested.

     But I just shook my head, and carried on gawping. The creature was now looking up at us, eyes big, skin strangely patterned. I was a marine animal’s worker, but I had never even heard of a strange thing such as this. Maybe it was––

     I had not even had time to finish my thoughts, when suddenly, there was another massive jolt. If I had been holding onto the railings, I would’ve been saved, but this was a different matter. All I knew, was that I was falling through the sky, with people shouting and screaming behind me, and it seemed like hours, but maybe it was only seconds. I saw the creature looking up at me, massive and terrifying. But for a few moments it seemed almost peaceful.

     Then I landed in the water with a splash. I had my eyes closed and my mouth closed, ready for the impact. When I splashed, whirls of bubbles and water swished around me.

     Slowly, I opened my eyes in the water. I was facing the beast, which had its mouth widely open, rows of shiny, sharp teeth glistening, and at that point I didn’t have any strength in me. I let out all the oxygen I had in me, relaxed, and just had time to see that it was gliding towards me, its mouth big and pitch black…


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