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The Truman Show Movie Review

The Truman Show Movie Review

Ever wanted to be famous? Have your own show on television and be watched by billions of adoring fans around the world? Well that is what Truman’s life is like, only the catch is he doesn’t know it’s happening, nor that he is world famous. The Truman Show is a film about a man who since birth has been filmed for a television series of the same name, and has no clue that the life he lives is a film set, and that everyone he has ever met is an actor. Truman’s life is scripted out for him down to the last detail, with everything he eats, drinks or wears being part of the product placement scheme set up by The Truman Show managers. Truman has lived in this fake life for all of 30 years, and only then begins to question everything he once knew to be reality. The Truman show is a very clever film, as it shows how we as humans often simply accept things as reality sometimes without questioning it. In Truman’s life, as he begins to question the world around him, his family members and wife (all played by actors) all provide for him perfectly plausible excuses for the strange things he is seeing. On one day a large stage light falls out of the sky right in front of Truman, later on that day the local newspaper reports a fake news story that a cargo plane has some problems which caused debris to fall from the sky. Again, whilst looking through a family photo album constructed by a prop department, Truman spots a picture of him by famous landmark Mount Rushmore, a poorly constructed backdrop. Truman spots this, asking why it looks so much smaller than in pictures you see of it, to which his mother replies that things always look smaller when you see them in person. As Truman begins to doubt more and more his own life the more he tries to uncover the truth, piecing together all the clues he has gathered together. Will he work out that he is actually living on a film set designed especially for him? Or will he give up trying to find an answer and, like society often does, simply accept what is being presented to him and just continue on?



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