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The Storm

The Storm

'The Storm'


Just another boring day. She sighed to herself, dazedly crossing the road after finishing what felt like an eternal day of maths, science and the worst, physical education. With her headphones in, blocking out the rest of the world, Noelle Wood continued on what she thought was just a regular day in her life. However, due to the music blasting in her ears, she couldn't have ever anticipated what was about to happen as storm clouds gathered above her head. When droplets of rain began to spit out of the clouds, Noelle gave a cry of exasperation and began to pull her jacket above her head. As the rain grew heavier, she began to run down the road seeking cover, only to be stopped by the colossal sized chunk of ice which landed in front of her, crushing the car it fell on top of. Tentatively, she raised her head in search of where it had come from, but instead seeing numinous trolley-sized ice cubes hurtling towards the earth, and more importantly towards her!


Feeling desperate, Noelle ran to the nearest house she could see and gave a quick press to the doorbell; no answer. She hurriedly ran to the next house, and again with no answer. After trying five houses to no avail, she started to panic. Where was everyone? What was falling from the sky? The ice chunks were coming down heavier and faster, with nowhere to hide Noelle pulled her soaked jacket tighter around her body and uselessly crouched under a doorway, knowing that it was defenceless against a storm that was pulling trees from their roots as if they were dandelions blowing in the wind. Despite not being the brightest in her science class, Noelle began to question what was happening, wasn't this storm technically scientifically impossible? But she couldn't deny what was happening right in front of her eyes! Just as she was about to dip her head into her hands, the sound of a speeding car filled the silence of the street mixed with the chaos of this storm. Adrenaline pumping through her veins, she ran towards the speeding car, arms waving frantically. But just as the car zoomed right passed her, a bolt of lighting zapped through the clouds and struck Noelle right in the chest. An eerie silence clouded her senses as the electricity jolted through her, taking all her energy with it thus when the sensation was over, her eyes blinked closed the noise of the storm in the far distance. 


Sprawled out on the pavement, it was sunny again when Noelle reopened her eyes. With aching muscles, she lifted herself off of the ground and cautiously glanced around, surveying the street for damage. Her heart dropped when she saw no sign of the ice chunks, or the destruction that they had caused. All the cars and plants were neatly in their place as if they hadn't been touched. Walking around the corner she saw people walking down the street as if nothing had happened!


"Excuse me sir, what happened to the storm?" Noelle asked a gentleman passing her. He gave her a confused look and told her the weather had been sunny all day before walking off in a hurry. She began to question her sanity. She was sure that the storm had happened; she had seen it with her own eyes! Rubbing her eyes, Noelle brushed it off as being excessively tired and walked to a local newsagent to buy a bottle of water. Reading the label before turning the lid, she raised the bottle to her lips to drink but nothing came out? When she pulled the bottle back to investigate, she noticed that all the water had turned completely to ice! Freaked out even further, she dropped the bottle and ran home. 


However, the madness didn't end there, Noelle ended up freezing both her glass of orange juice and her pasta dinner! Lying in bed at night, a tingling sensation in her fingertips, she grinned to herself having realized this storm had done the impossible: given her superhuman powers! 


I guess it wasn't just another boring day after all. 

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