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The Sponsored Silence

The Sponsored Silence

   Partaking in a sponsored silence is a great way to make money for charity – especially if you’re a naturally loud or chatty person. They work best when the person doing them is renowned for their noise, as more people want to sponsor them to be quiet! Similar to a sponsored run, a sponsored silence basically means you make a promise to stay silent for a day or whatever length of time you choose, and you ask people to sponsor you however much for completing the task. You might find that teachers and parents are very willing to sponsor you for this just so you keep quiet! Also, it’s a lot of fun as it’s quite a big challenge for you to actually stay quiet whilst you go about your daily tasks.


If you do decide to partake in a sponsored silence, there are some key preparation steps to take, such as:

 - Making or downloading a sponsorship form. You may be able to download these from the internet, but if not, they are fairly simple to make. They basically work as a way of recording your sponsors and how much they promise to give you, so you need to make a table with the sponsor’s name and the amount they want to give and a box to say whether they’ve paid or not, which you can tick afterwards.

 - Informing people that you are doing it and on what day. You don’t want to seem rude by not answering teacher’s questions or fall out with friends for not talking to them!

 - Making flashcards out of paper or cardboard that you can carry around with you on the day. These can have simple sentences and questions that you might find useful instead of having to act them out. For example, you might make one that says “Please may I go to the toilet?” for in lessons, or just simply one that says “Thank you!”


   These simple steps will make the day of your sponsored silence much easier and will ensure that you avoid any confusion and ultimately help you avoid any trouble. This fundraising idea is probably one of the most mentally demanding, as talking is something that we do automatically from the age of 3 upwards. It will take a lot more effort not to speak than you might think. On the other hand, the day will be full of acting out objects and will lead to an entertaining time for all involved. I hope some of you try this out! Feel free to send in your stories of how your sponsored silence went!

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