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The Silver Spoon of Solomon Snow by Kaye Umansky

The Silver Spoon of Solomon Snow by Kaye Umansky

I discovered The Silver Spoon of Solomon Snow when I visited Puffin publishing house in year 5. Kaye Umansky, the author, was doing a talk on the book and she gave us all free copies to go home with. She is particularly known for her Pongwiffy the witch books, however, I want to pay a little attention to Solly Snow as I think this book is an ingenious gem of a children’s novel.


Solomon Snow is a poor washer boy who lives with his mother and father. However, our initial revelation is that Solomon was actually brought to the Snow’s doorstep in a basket! He was adopted! And what’s more, when he was found, he had an engraved silver spoon in his mouth and was dressed in expensive clothing. This means he was the child of a rich family, but as the Snow’s couldn’t read, they never saw the initials on the spoon, and pawned it when Solomon was a child to get some money.


When Solomon finds all this out he experiences a huge rush of emotion including curiosity, excitement and disappointment. He decides to go on an adventure into town to try and find the pawn shop and discover the initials on his silver spoon. If he can find the spoon, he might be able to find his birth family, and if he can do that he might be able to claim his inheritance! With these thoughts in his head he sets off.


On his journey into town, Solomon makes a number of friends who join him in his journey, all for their own reasons. The first of these new friends is a girl named Prudence, who has the qualities of her name. She is also from a poor family, though hers is very large. The next friend the two makes is Roseabella, a circus prodigy, and her rabbit Mr. Skippy. The three children and Mr. Skippy have to overcome a number of trials and challenges as they make their way to the pawn shop and also have a lot of fun. If anything, this book shows a great theme of the power of friendship with the close and unlikely bond formed between these three children.


Will Solomon Snow find his silver spoon? Will he find his birth parents? Why are Prudence and Roseabella travelling into town? Who else will this unlikely trio meet on their way? All of these questions and more will be answered in abundance in this book. This is a book for all ages and genders. There is something for everyone and is perfect for you if you enjoy having a giggle whilst you’re reading. Solomon Snow makes for one of the funniest books I’ve ever read – I hope you think the same!

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