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Emma Eismontaite

Emma Eismontaite


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About Me:Hello! My name is Emma, and I'm fifteen. I do tennis as well as horse-riding. Also, I love Art and English, and have chosen to write stories because I love creative writing! x

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The sequel to the book: 'Matilda' - Part 2

The sequel to the book: 'Matilda' - Part 2


Part 2


The sequel to the book:


By Roald Dahl.



     When the intelligent girl explained her plan to her teacher, Miss Honey’s face turned from a concentrating frown, to a horrified expression.

    “Certainly not! That is highly dangerous – you don’t know what could happen to you!” said Miss Honey firmly.

     But she soon gave up as Matilda had pleaded and begged her non-stop. Matilda whooped and cheered with joy and straight away she raced upstairs to her bedroom. A few minutes later, after scrambling around in her trunk full of toys, she slid down the twisty banister, holding something black with green, small wheels. It was a brand new skateboard that she had stolen from her brother before he and her parents had moved to Spain. The skateboard was almost as big as Matilda herself, as her brother was 12 years old and Matilda was only 6.

     Putting the skateboard down carefully on the carpeted floor, Matilda unlocked the latch on the window and opened it wide. 


      Miss Honey held her breath as Matilda stepped onto the skateboard. She had been practising her telekinesis, even harder this time, with Miss Honey by her side, encouraging her. She had managed to lift even a small chair, so it was easy-peasy to lift a skateboard. But it might be even harder to do it while she’s on the skateboard, even though she’d done it before and she was light enough; Matilda could even do the trick with her eyes without making them hurt afterwards, so she was very lucky.

     Taking deep breaths, in and out, Matilda screwed her eyes shut tight and began. Moments later, the skateboard began to rise, slowly, carefully. Miss Honey clapped her hands and smiled merrily at her; feeling a little jealous of this special child with amazing powers. She waved goodbye to Matilda as she rose up and up and out of the window. Though she wasn’t going out there forever.

     Many, many people stared in disbelief at this strange occurrence up in the sky; many photographers took pictures and journalists scribbled frantically, their tongues hanging out. But Matilda didn’t take any notice. She just stretched her arms out wide, enjoying every moment of this.

     Later on in the day, the News came on, with a shrieking headline:


     It was almost as if she were flying...       

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