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The Science Museum

The Science Museum

Another fantastic free day's entertainment and a wealth of knowledge is the Science museum in London. Never will you have so much fun learning science, not even if the teacher lets you use the bunsen burners to toast marshmallows! The Science Museum, (right next to the Natural History Museum) has thousands of technological advancements developed over the ages from the lightbulb to the telescope used to discover new planets, and there's so many interactive games you can play! With a IMAX 3D cinema and a Red Arrow stunt jet plane simulator there's something for everyone, whether you seek adventure, knowledge or just sheer amusement it's a day well spent exploring the development of technology that we take for granted today and travelling to space and back in the newly opening astronaut exhibtion.

About The Science Museum

Ever wished the pictures you draw could stand up? The Science museum boasts its new 3D printing collection, engineering the future before our very eyes. If you crave a more explosive demonstration to make your day then you have to take a look at the energy show, and don't worry mums and dads you don't need to have the energy it's all created by the scientists! There is something for everyone from weird and wonderful experiments to explosions and innovations, and the museum is easily accessible by train, car and bus, positioned next to the Victoria and Albert Museum and Natural History Museum. For a mind boggling day try an experiment and visit the science museum for a great day out, you won't be dissapointed!

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Adress - Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 2DD

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