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The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist is the name of the blog where photographer Scott Schuman shares his pictures with the world. Whereas most of the photographers described here in the Photography Category are art-focused photographers or portrait-photographers, Shuman is a street fashion photographer. Most of the time he simply takes pictures of the people who fascinate him as he walks through the streets of New York, Paris or Milan, but he also often participates in fashion shows and takes pictures of models both on and off duty. Although the vast majority of his pictures are from large cities in the West, he often travels to foreign countries and among his many traditional fashion photos, you can also find pictures of people from small villages in India, Morocco or other countries which have very different senses of fashion than you would usually see in the West.

Schuman tries to take pictures of people or styles that he thinks looks interesting and tries to copy the way fashion designers look for inspiration in the streets: he takes pictures of whole outfits or details as he finds suitable and his goal isn’t to show what fashion is or should be, but to inspire people to explore fashion and looks for themselves, through looking at other people’s individual ideas of fashion.

Schuman has not had a long career within photography. He worked as a salesman in fashion until 2005. He then quit his job and started carrying a camera around with him to document the people, outfits and moments that caught his eye. He has repeatedly stated that he does not want his blog to be a place where he can simply upload pictures of fashionistas, he wants it to be a place where his readers feel comfortable commenting with their opinions and own ideas. As such, The Sartorialist is supposed to work as a gathering point for fashion ideas from different people.  

Although Schuman’s photography career started out in the streets as a private photographer, he has recently started working with big commercial companies, such as GAP, GQ, Vogue, and Burberry. Yet even his photography for big brands is in his classic style of street photography, and often seem impulsive and as though the models are unaware that Schuman is taking pictures of them.

Schuman has also been recognized as an artist by several big museums, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London who have integrated Schuman’s photos into their permanent exhibition. Furthermore, his pictures have been gathered into several books and have sold many copies worldwide. Many people, including several at the top of the fashion industry, also think that Scott Schuman asking you for your portrait is the ultimate proof that you have a good style.

In the spirit of Schuman’s idea of sharing ideas of fashion, let me know what you think of the pictures in this article and the rest of Schuman’s pictures, which you can find here: Do you think that Schuman’s photography is art, or do you think it is part of an industry and therefore not dedicated enough to being artistic?

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