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The Recruit by Robert Muchamore

The Recruit by Robert Muchamore

The Recruit is the first in the CHERUB series of books. These books stretch over two series, with short stories and other publications to boot, meaning there are currently a total of 19 books you can read on the CHERUB world. So, if you’re looking for a fictional world you can really sink your teeth into, this would be the one for you. I’m just going to review the first book in this article, but if you’ve read the others and want to write your own review for one of them please do! You can send it in to us to edit and we’ll publish it to our reviews page! Exciting stuff! Now, let’s get down to business….


The Recruit follows 12 year old James Choke, and the interesting set of events that drag him into the world of CHERUB, a division in the British Security Service that employs teenagers as intelligence officers. We begin in his science class at his first term of secondary school. In this class, James manages to accidently cut a classmate’s face with a nail on the wall when she teases him about his mother. To escape, he pushes his teacher over and runs away. He goes back to school to pick up his little sister, Lauren Onions, and takes her for dinner at a burger shop. When they get home, there are countless missed calls on the answering machine from James’ school, however he finds his mother dead so the escapades of the day are pushed far from his mind.


James is then sent to a care home, whilst Lauren goes to live with her father. In the care home, James shares a room with a boy named Kyle who tries to advise him during his time there. James pays no attention however and falls in with the wrong crowd, ending up in trouble with the police. He has to stay a night in a cell after being caught stealing some beer for his friends, for example. When he wakes up the next morning, however, he finds himself in a room at the CHERUB campus. From here, James is put on an intensive training course, beginning with entrance tests that he passes, and a gruelling course of Basic Training for one hundred days which he completes with a team of other recruits. Here, James meets lots of interesting characters and really develops and matures himself. His adventure doesn’t end there however. After miraculously being accepted to CHERUB and surviving the training, James is sent on his first mission.


This book is one action-packed spy novel you won’t want to miss out on. A perfect fit for all genders, The Recruit has earned critical acclaim worldwide, winning seven awards between 2005-2007, and has been translated into twenty different languages! Needless to say this is a truly fantastic book. So, get reading! Enjoy!

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