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Anastassia Puttnam

Anastassia Puttnam


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About Me:Hello my name is Anastassia Puttnam and I am one of the writers for kings news.I am always smiling and tremendously determined to do anything that is thrown at me. Furthermore people describe me as a quirky character with whacky ideas...that's why I now write these stories. However when I grow up I have always really wanted to be a doctor/heart surgeon, so thats my aim :)

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The Rabbit and the Cat

The Rabbit and the Cat

   There was once a young rabbit who was extremely scared of the cat! Every day, the cat would creep around the hutch and try to scare and intimidate the rabbit. Apparently, nothing scared the cat. However, one day, the rabbit played a trick on him so that he learnt his lesson!

    The rabbit went into the corner of her hutch and buried herself in the hay and straw, and then, when the cat went to antagonise her, he couldn’t find her! The rabbit laughed to herself and when the cat went to sleep, the bunny sneaked out of her cage, crept up to the cat and bit his ear. From that day forward, the cat learnt his lesson and they were great friends!


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