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The Potato Knight's Toaster

The Potato Knight's Toaster

It was a sunny morning in the forest. With a great yawn, Potato Knight opened his bedroom curtains and let the light stream through. He didn’t have any plans for the day, but he was sure that it would be full of heroic deeds as usual.

He walked sleepily down the stairs and into the kitchen. PK was a potato who took breakfast very seriously. Every morning his routine was the same: he would turn on the expensive juicer to make his fresh orange juice; start cooking porridge in his favourite brass pot; and put four slices of toast in his top-of-the-range toaster.

Unfortunately on this particular morning not everything went according to plan. He had the juicer whizzing and his porridge bubbling on the stove right on schedule, but when he turned to the toaster he saw with horror that it had been smashed into a crumpled pile.

“Oh no, no! Not the GoldToast 5000,” he cried, “It took me months to get the settings right!”

He heard a faint sniggering laugh from outside the window. He threw it open and looked down to see a large black beetle crouched in the bushes below.

“It was you,” he bellowed angrily, “Black Beetle, you are horrible!

“Good luck saving anyone without your breakfast of champions,” the Beetle laughed mockingly as he stood up.

“No matter,” PK said as he tried to stand up taller, “I’ll just go to the shop and buy another. Then once I’ve had my toast I’ll deal with you.”

He dashed around the side of the house to the stable where his horse Peter lived. Peter was really more of a pony, and the knight had to pull his legs up to stop them from dragging along the ground, but this didn’t dent Potato Knight’s confidence one bit.

“Ha! Good luck,” Black Beetle said sarcastically, “I’ll run to the shop, buy all the toasters and smash them up before you even get there.”

He took off into trees, scuttling on his six spikey legs, and PK raced after him. Both potato and beetle knew the forest well and wove between the tall oak trees. However, Potato Knight was rather clumsy, steering Peter through bushes and into branches, and Black Beetle soon took the lead. As they reached the village PK made a final desperate attempt to overtake and trampled through a row of cottage gardens, leaving a trail of broken flowers behind him.

Black Beetle screeched in anger. “This is why I broke your toaster! You’re the worst horse rider in the kingdom, Potato Knight!”

The potato pulled Peter to a stop and looked back at what he’d done.

“You destroyed my prize roses last week,” the Beetle continued, “And now you’ve ruined everyone else’s gardens too.”

“I had no idea,” Potato Knight mumbled sadly, “I need to ride a horse though, it’s what knights do.”

“You don’t have to,” argued Black Beetle, “Just do your own thing.”

“I’d rather you learned to jog, if my opinion counts for anything,” Peter chimed in.

Soon beetle and horse had PK convinced, especially after Black Beetle offered to coach him.

“Okay, but I’m going to buy a toaster first,” Potato Knight said firmly, “I’m not training on an empty stomach.”

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