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About Me:I'm a graduate student studying International Criminal Law and first started writing for King's News almost 4 years ago! My hobbies include reading, travelling and charity work. I cover many categories but my favourite articles to write are about mysteries of the ancient world, interesting places to visit, the Italian language and animals!

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The Do's and Don't's of MUN Part 1

The Do's and Don't's of MUN Part 1

Hopefully after my last two articles you are interested in Model United Nations and how it works, but before you start your diplomatic career with your first conference here is a bit of advice on what you can do to stand out as a delegate, whereas the next article will cover all those things you should absolutely avoid doing in a conference! MUN procedures are very easy going and fun once you know the layout of the conference and learn a few of the ‘technical’ terms; so take a read and I promise you'll find these tips useful during any MUN conference!


I thought I’d start with some MUN basic information on what is expected of you, along with a few tricks I learnt on the way!


-              Always be confident, you are just as good as anybody attending the conference and always keep that in mind!

-              Always address the chair respectfully by saying something on the lines of ‘Honourable Chair’ or ‘Mister/Madam President’ – NEVER call them by their first name even if you know it!

-              When delivering a speech always start it with ‘Honourable Chair and Distinguished Delegates’ and end it with ‘thank you Honourable Chair’; if your speech is shorter than the time given (usually a minute) then say ‘I cede my time back to the Chair’

-              Address yourself and your fellow delegates as ‘the delegation from ……….’; for example say ‘the delegation from the Federal republic of Germany’

-             Top Tip: In order to push your ideas forward and stand out as a leader ALWAYS try to be on the speakers’ list (sometimes you’re best and most powerful speeches will have to be made up on the spot) and use caucus as a time to work the floor and speak to everyone instead of focusing on a handful of states

-              Make sure you know the rules and procedures of MUN like the back of your hand

-              Always represent your country and their viewpoint on a topic, remember even if you don’t agree with your country’s policies your task is to represent them!

-              Raise your placard to vote and motion for something

-              You will meet some heated people at the conference that don’t share your views, always stay calm and talk rationally; if they cross the line you can inform the Chair and they will deal with it



-              Make clear what you wish to achieve in your resolutions on day 1 and continue reaffirming what you are doing (but don’t be annoying!) throughout the following days

-             Add substance to your speech: state what you aim to achieve, use statistics and examples, call upon previous UN resolutions, and look at your research paper before writing a speech for help! Speeches can be highly informative or can touch upon raw topics and events that will make your fellow delegates think –either way always deliver your speech with confidence and you’ll do great!

-              Begin the speech with your main point - that is when all delegates will be more attentive. Even though each speech is a minute long delegates have to sit and listen to them for an entire day; they lose concentration and it’s your job to gain their interest through your speech!

-              In your speech you can use time based language to revoke a sense of urgency (for example by saying ‘we are now at a crossroad’) and keep a formal tone (for example say ‘we are gravely concerned with’ not ‘we are worried about’)

-              You can sometimes use ten seconds of your speech to congratulate fellow delegates for their efforts

-              Most of all enjoy making your speech – if you don’t, no one else will!



The same etiquette is required when writing a resolution.

-              Try your utter best to be the delegate with the laptop actually writing the draft resolution – whilst many delegates will be throwing their ideas at you, you ultimately get to word their points as you please and gain a sense of authority!

-              Always have a copy of the draft resolution on you so you don’t appear unaware of any changes made!

-              Remember the rules of voting at MUN and don’t be afraid to be a signatory for a good draft resolution!


If you follow these guidelines and be your confident, assertive - but not annoyingly assertive - self you just may be holding a best delegate award soon!



IMAGE: Author's own. A friend of mine and myself at the UN headquaters in New York for the closing ceremony of our MUN conference!

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