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About Me:I'm a graduate student studying International Criminal Law and first started writing for King's News almost 4 years ago! My hobbies include reading, travelling and charity work. I cover many categories but my favourite articles to write are about mysteries of the ancient world, interesting places to visit, the Italian language and animals!

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The Do's and Don't's of MUN Part 2

The Do's and Don't's of MUN Part 2

During any MUN conference you’ll meet some very talented students that work hard to get their resolution passed, the last article covered all you can do to truly exceed and live your MUN experience to the fullest. There are, however, some need-to-know points to help you avoid any awkward moments and I assure you, after just one conference, you will have met at someone who does at least one of these MUN don’t’s!

- Never address yourself with ‘I’ or call your chair and fellow delegates by their first name during formal session, caucus and speeches. This is the number one no on the list so make sure to avoid it!

- Whilst knowing the rules and procedures is essential make sure you don’t show off to much during the conference, remember you need allies and states to vote for your resolution!

- Never express you own views on a topic if they go against those of the country you are representing;

- Try not to find yourself in the midst of a heated debate which is borderline aggression, if you do take the calm reasoned approach instead of yelling at one another;

- Don’t feel intimidated when the chair asks for motions, after the first few times you’ll really get the hang of it and have fun!

- You cannot interrupt a speaker for a point or motion, only after a speech has been made can you raise a point;

- Don’t talk during formal session, passing notes is allowed.


Impugning a state’s sovereignty

-Do not ‘impugn a state’s sovereignty’, this means do not offend a state. You cannot say a state has no control over its border or citizens. If you do impugn their sovereignty, you’re giving your opponent the opportunity to speak through a ‘right of reply’ which is when they can speak for a minute with no repercussions! You do not want to give a fellow delegate the chance to humiliate you with crude words in front of all other states and this often will ruin your country’s credibility. Remember to attack the point and not the person/country!What


What NOT to do in your speech:

- If you stutter, panic or forget something in your speech move on. Make sure your voice sounds confident (the tone of your voice can say a lot about the impact your speech will have) and avoid speaking too fast. If you blackout just stop, take a deep breath, stay calm and continue your speech. You can bring a written version of your speech on some paper with you, just in case you need the help or want to have it with you for security. Fake confidence and begin your speech with your main point to press it more. When delivering your speech, whether you are reading it or not, try to make eye contact with a few delegates and scan the room so you keep everyone’s attention;

- Try not to go off on tangents, instead focus on your main points and articulate them in the minute you have;

- This one goes without saying but never beg for the support of other countries, you should have a well- researched argument that speaks for itself;

- You can mention countries you are working with in your speeches and get them to mention you but you cannot explicitly call your work a resolution, it is a draft resolution or working paper until it has been voted on;

- Do not use overly casual language when making a speech, keep it formal and keep it diplomatic.


So now you know my do’s and don’t’s any delegate should take on board during a Model United Nations conference; if you have done MUN before or have any more tips, advice and things to stay far away from please comment below!



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