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The Classic Club - not your ordinary sandwich

The Classic Club - not your ordinary sandwich

Although making cakes and complicated deserts can be extremely fun and can wow family and friends, sometimes all that is required to do this is a really good sandwich. Having been putting myself off trying it for ages, settling for more ordinary sandwich fillings, I finally had my first club sandwich this year and I have to say I have been truly missing out. This well-loved classic has all you can want in a sandwich, and here is the recipe how to make it.


Difficulty level: 1/5



4 Rashers of Bacon (your preference for salted or unsalted)

3 Slices of White Bread

1 Spoonful of Mayonnaise

1 Sliced Hard Boiled Egg

1 Tomato

Sliced Chicken Breast

A Handful of Salad Leaves (you can use rocket or lettuce)



- Firstly boil the egg. Whilst your egg is boiling away on the hob you should grill the bacon until it is crisp. Once the egg and bacon are cooked, crack the egg shell and slice the egg neatly and then set the bacon aside.

- Take your three slices of bread and toast them in the toaster, or under the grill. Once this is done take one of the slices and spread the mayonnaise over it.

- On this mayonnaise covered bread layer neatly the egg slices, the tomato and then two of the bacon rashers. On top of this add the second piece of bread.

- On top of the second piece of bread you should add the remaining two rashers of bacon, the chicken breast and then the salad leaves of your choosing.

- On top of all of this add the final slice of bread and then cut the sandwich into quarters.

- If you have any to hand, secure the sandwich stack with cocktail sticks and serve.



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