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The Classic Cake Sale

The Classic Cake Sale

   We all know that everyone loves cake. Why else would you get it on your birthday! So what better way to raise money for charity than selling something you know everybody loves? Cake sales are probably the most popular and most successful small-scale fundraisers out there, because they’re simple and easy to do. All you need to pull off a great cake sale are:

 - A few friends

 - Cakes

 - Somewhere to sell the cakes

 - A safe place to put the tonnes of money you’ll make


   We say have friends to help simply because it evens out the cost to an individual so you don’t end up spending more money than you make and, of course, because everything is more fun when you do it with friends – you could even host a cake-making party in preparation for the sale!

   Making your own cakes gives the cake sale a lovely homely touch, making the products look quaint and more human than shop bought products. When you make the cakes yourself, the buyers can visibly see the effort you have put into creating the event and are more likely to want to reward you for your efforts, and so, raising more money for your charity. You can find loads of great cake and cupcake recipes online and in cook books. Why not trawl your parent’s kitchen to see if you can find a tasty recipe to try? Of course, shop-bought cakes look just as good!

The Classic Cake Sale | Kingsnews

   Where to sell your cakes is also an important factor. It has to be somewhere that people will go to, but you also don’t want to get in trouble for it! So, one idea is to go to a teacher in your school and ask if you can do a cake sale at break or lunch. As long as you have permission, the playground is a great place to sell cakes as you’re guaranteed a bunch of hungry kids will want to buy them. Equally, you could hold your cake sale at your local community centre or even in your own front garden. Places where people are always walking through are the best options. But remember; make sure you get permission first!

   Lastly, money is an important point. If you’re raising money, you need somewhere to put it. This might be a job for an adult to oversee as you and your friends will probably be very busy with selling the cakes. Make sure you have a change float with you too! A change float is the selection of money you already have with you in case your customer needs change before you’ve raised a lot of money. You also need to know how you’re going to send the money to charity. To do this, look online at your charity's webpage, where it is likely to tell you the steps you need to take to donate. Another option is to go to your local charity shop and ask for advice.

   So there we have it. Your Classic Cake Sale planned and ready to go. Please send in letters and pictures showing us the success of your cake sale, we’d love to see how things go!

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