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The Christmas Spirit

The Christmas Spirit


On Christmas day, I woke up feeling excited. I dashed down the stairs like a cheetah to see the Christmas tree which was filled with a variety of decorations. Underneath the tree lay a mixture of presents from squared to circled shaped ones. I checked my stocking and the orange-rainbow flame flickered and licked the chimney walls as it rose higher and higher from the fireplace.

A sweet scent filled the entire house. Thyme- filled turkeys sizzled on the foil, the crispy potatoes and vegetables roasted in the oven to perfection. The table was filled with golden sparkly crackers and refreshing drinks that bubbled as they were being poured into shiny glasses. There were different scrumptious and mouth-watering foods for everyone to enjoy.

The room was packed with laughter and joyful people stuffing their stomachs with snacks and drinks. People were dancing and singing along to Christmas carols.

The table was cleared and the warm delicious pudding steamed as the flames bellowed on top of the pudding. The orange-blue fire roared like an angry lion.

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