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The best Children's Shows - Review: Part 5

The best Children's Shows - Review: Part 5

Another list of children’s/young adult shows to watch:


      1)  Get Your Own Back  -  A CBBC gameshow that was so popular that it lasted for over twelve years, from the beginning of the 90’s to 2004. On each show there were two teams- a child and an accompanying adult on each. However, the adult was the person whom the child wanted to get their own back on. The children had to compete in games so as to win the most points, and the one with the most points would be able to ‘get’ their revenge, by dunking their adult in gunge. Each game of course, was designed to be as humiliating as possible for the adults. The reasons for revenge were typically trivial, eg. they had been given ‘too much homework,’ or their parent had been ‘singing badly,’ but nonetheless it is easy to get behind the child and want them to dunk their adult! This is a really funny game show, and you can watch it on youtube.


      2)  Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids  -  Based on a series of books, each episode covers a different child who misbehaves in some way, which results in… well, you’ll have to watch and see. Not for the faint-hearted, we see episodes telling of children who refuse to eat what they’re given, only to be visited by the ominous sounding ‘spaghetti man,’ and the others who don’t look after their pets, only to really wish they had… The animation is by Sara and Simon Bor who also animated Wolves, Witches and Giants. Each story is a cautionary tale, and will send shivers down your spine. Nigel Planer’s narration truly steals the show, making it a modern classic. You can watch this show on CITV and on youtube.


     3)  The Wild Thornberrys  -  The Wild Thornberry’s tells the story of a family who travel round the world collecting footage for nature documentaries. Nigel, and Marianne, the parents, are the two who film and create the shows, but the children, Debbie and Eliza are dragged along for the ride. Along the way they adopt a child, Donnie, who can’t speak in any distinguishable language. Eliza is the main protagonist of the show, and we realise she has a secret gift; she can talk to animals. She tries to use this gift to help as many animals as possible, but there are more than a few close shaves. The show is funny, original, and deeply touching. You can watch it on amazon video and on DVD.

     4)  Big Kids  -  A CBBC show that is a comedy-drama that aired in the early 2000’s. It focuses on two children, Simon and Kate, and their parents, Sarah and Geoff. The family are at a school event, when Sarah and Geoff are hypnotised. However, the hypnotism has a serious long-lasting effect, as at apparently random moments, both parents seem to black out, and subsequently act like children. As such, Simon and Kate struggle to keep things under control as they try to work out what is triggering their parents to act like children. Naturally these incidences occur at very awkward and inconvenient times, and Simon and Kate have to take on the roles of parents and try to maintain the pretence that their family is normal.  You can find this on youtube.



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