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The best Children's Shows - Review: Part 4

The best Children's Shows - Review: Part 4

Some more young adult/children’s shows to try:


      1)   Braceface  -  An animated comedy-drama from Canada, that centres on a young just turned teenage girl, Sharon, who has to have braces at what she believes to be the worst time of her life. Even better, these braces cause all sorts of unusual problems… like hotwiring a car, unlocking a diary, broadcasting conversations… All of which add to Sharon’s already somewhat awkward, clumsy nature, making for even more embarrassing situations. The show is funny, with an enemy that you love to hate, and other likeable characters. It tackles serious issues too, such as divorce, vegetarianism, the ethics of fur and matters to do with friendships and relationships. Sharon is a very relatable character, and she also makes a lot of mistakes, but manages to realise in the end. You can watch this on DVD and on youtube.


       2)  MI High  -  This is a CBBC show about an MI5 programme to create spies from school children. Three ordinary school children, Rose, Daisy and Blane, have a secret life, wherein they have to sneak out of their lessons so they can save the country. The show began in 2007, and lasted for seven years, with seven series. Each episode has a different plot for the spies to foil, and each character gets a chance to come to the fore. The three different personalities work very well together, and the show is both interesting and funny. You can watch this show on CBBC and on youtube.


      3)  Raven  -  A kind of children’s game show, where children have to compete to make it to the last challenge, ‘the way of the warrior,’ and ultimately win the show. They are lead round by a mysterious ‘Raven’ character how gives them tasks and riddles and removing those who don’t succeed. Raven is an enigmatic character with an intriguing and poetic Scottish accent, who never gives away how he really feels. He wears a cloak of black feathers as though he were an actual raven. The children face challenges such as decoding a riddle and having to step on the correct step or disappear. The final challenge is the most deadly… featuring balance beams, swinging ‘axes’ and more. If you like an adventure show, this if for you. You can watch this show on youtube, and a new series will be coming to CBBC soon.

     4)  Stupid  -  A classic CBBC show that was one of the first sketch shows that was actually written for children. The premise of the show is that there is a King, King ‘Stupid’ who watches all of us and causes us to do stupid things for his own amusement. He watches on his tv screens before selecting a victim… whether that be the boy who believes he can turn invisible, or the girl who will do anything to new school children so she is always ‘the only new girl,’ or ‘over-reaction Jackson,’ who will scream at the slightest touch… King Stupid is wry, sarcastic and witty, and really brings all the sketches together. Together with his long-suffering companion ‘Gruber,’ the duo make a perfect comedy pair. The sketches are truly innovative and entertaining. You can watch this on youtube.



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