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The Best Children's Shows - Review: Part 3

The Best Children's Shows - Review: Part 3

Another list of children’s/young adult shows to watch:


     1)   Wolfblood  -  It seems that the BBC are surprisingly good at supernatural dramas for children. Wolfblood first aired in 2012, and is still being broadcast today. The latest series was series 5. The show focuses on Maddy Smith, a seemingly ordinary girl… who has a secret. She and her parents are not actually human, but wolfbloods, meaning that when there is a full moon, they transform into wolves. They can also transform if they are angry or under threat. Drama ensues as a new boy, Rhydian moves to town, and turns out to also be a Wolfblood. However, Rhydian is adopted, so has no one to help him understand or control himself, meaning he is liable to expose the secret… All the while, Maddy’s best friend Shannon, has been obsessed with a ‘beast’ she saw years ago on a camping trip, and is determined to find out the truth. Maddy and friends run into lots of trials along the way, and their friendships are tested. Will Maddy be able to keep her secret? You can watch this on CBBC, BBC iPlayer, on DVD, and on youtube.


      2)  Mortified  -  An Australian comedy drama that tells the story of Taylor, a young girl who has to deal with her continuously embarrassing parents, all the while navigating friendships, her first crush, moving to high school and more. Naturally, there are lots of laughs, and indeed, times when you will be absolutely closing your eyes as you cringe for Taylor’s misfortune, but the show remains charming, and covers many issues facing young people, with grace and tact and light hand. You can watch this show on DVD and on youtube.


     3)  The Ghost Hunter  -  A CBBC gem that ran in the early 2000’s. The show tells the story of how two children’s lives, Roddy and Tessa, are turned upside down with the arrival of ghost, a Victorian Shoeshine boy, William, who comes to ask them for help. It turns out that William is being hunted by the Ghost Hunter, who wants to capture him so as to steal his energy, for her own dark deeds… her plan being to use the energy to travel through time to have an ever-lasting life. The acting in this show is superb, and you genuinely feel frightened when it seems like the Ghost Hunter is going to capture her prize… You can watch this on youtube.

   4)  Arthur  -  We all know the show from CBBC that features the animated aardvark. This is undeniably one of the best kids’ shows of all time. It has a lasting appeal, and is both funny, on multiple levels, and serious at the same time. It covers important subjects such as someone suffering from Cancer, the impact of a traumatic event (a fire), and everything inbetween, such as families having different amounts of money, the importance of treating your friends well, and teaches acceptance for all. The voice acting is great, as is the animation, and the show can be enjoyed by people of all ages. You can watch this show on CBBC and on youtube.



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