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The Best Children's Shows - Review: Part 2

The Best Children's Shows - Review: Part 2

Some more children’s/young adult shows that are worth a watch if you don’t know what to watch next.


      1)  Dead Gorgeous  -  Dead Gorgeous was originally made in Australia, and is a refreshingly different comedy-drama. It centres around three girls who are ghosts, who died in an accident in Victorian times. However, they are granted the chance to materialise and go to a school and live out the rest of their lives, so long as they obey the rules. The three sisters have very different personalities; Sophie, intelligent, reserved, traditional, and Rebecca, the eldest, who is pretty and fashion and popularity obsessed, and Hazel, who is young, mischievous, and interested in science. The three girls try their best to fit in the 21st century school, despite being used to Victorian decorum. Naturally, there are many humorous incidents, and touching moments too. The who cast do a stellar job, in particular Poppy Lee-Friar, who plays Sophie. You can find this on DVD, on youtube, and sometimes on CBBC.


        2)  The Demon Headmaster  -  A classic CBBC that used to put fear into the hearts of every child… and yet, you couldn’t stop watching. The show ran for a couple of series in the mid to late 90’s. The main character, the Headmaster, possessed the powers of hypnosis, and his ultimate goal, was to take over the world. Dinah, a new girl, finds herself perplexed by her odd behaviour and thoughts, when she realises she keeps thinking how great the headmaster is. Luckily, she finds the people in the school who are immune to the headmaster’s powers, and together, they try to foil the demon headmaster’s plans. You can watch this on DVD.


      3)  The Story of Tracy Beaker  -  No list would be complete without this show. Another adaptation from a Jacqueline Wilson novel, that had five series, and has since produced multiple spin-offs such as, “Tracy Beaker Returns,’ and ‘The Dumping Ground.’ This show follows a young girl at a care home who dreams of being with her mum, and causes as much trouble as possible, with both staff and other children at the care home. Not only is the show very funny, but it does successfully cover a lot of serious subjects that affect young people. All the characters are well cast, and given plenty of character development.

      4)  Grange Hill  -  Grange Hill was the legendary high school drama that legions of children and teenagers across the UK watched every week. Sadly, in 2008 the show was cancelled, after an amazing 30 year run. At times, the show sparked quite a lot of controversy, as it didn’t shy away from the grittier aspects of school life. Grange Hill had characters from all walks of life, including those with disabilities. The actors are all believable, and the storylines too. The writers manage to handle issues such as relationships, substance abuse and more with tact and also realism. They never make things sensationalist, which would detract from the drama. You can watch this show on DVD and on youtube.



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