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Teaching for Charity

Teaching for Charity

This fundraiser is slightly more obscure than those I usually help you run. It requires you to be incredibly talented at something, or to find someone who’s willing to teach something they’re good at for free. Of course it’s not actually for free. You’ll be advertising the session so people pay a set amount to attend, and the proceeds will go to charity. You may also want to set up donation buckets at the entrance and exit too. So that’s the money part sorted. However, there’s a lot more to go through before you can run this event.


Firstly, you need to decide what’s being taught. In consistency with today’s fashions you could teach your peers how to make loom band bracelets, however, I doubt they’d pay more than 50p each for that. You need to find a service that a lot of people would be interested in, and that they would pay money. You could organise a charity Zumba class for instance, £5 a head. Similarly, if you knew someone who was qualified to teach a martial art, they might run a class for you for charity, again at around £5 a head. These kinds of things cost this much in real life, so it doesn’t seem unreasonable to pay this much to learn it at school, for charity too!


In all likelihood, it’s likely you’ll need to bring in a volunteer to do your charity lesson. It might be a lesson on how to apply makeup properly, or how to do particular football tricks, or really anything that you think people might pay money to learn. Once you’ve picked the event, you need to advertise, with leaflets, posters and tickets. Sell the tickets prior to the event, but also make it possible to buy (slightly more expensive) tickets on the door. It’s entirely up to you and your volunteer teacher as to when you do the event. If you’re target audience are school kids, it may be sensible to run the class at lunch or immediately after school. Otherwise, the world is your oyster to do as you like.


At the event, make sure there is seating for everyone if you need it, and drinks and refreshments available at a small cost. If you need to decorate, or collect and set out equipment, make sure you do this at least half an hour before everyone arrives. With all this considered, you’re ready to go. Leave it to your teacher and let everyone learn for charity! Count up your funds at the end and send them off to your charity ASAP! Good luck!

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