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Teachers vs. Students

Teachers vs. Students

If you’ve been following these charity fundraiser plans for a while now, you’ll be an absolute pro at organising events like these. However, I’m going to take you through step by step as this is a tough one. The plan is, you create an event at school that will be so hilarious and so competitive that absolutely everyone will want to come and watch. That’s right, we’re pitting the students against the teachers!


The most difficult part of planning this event is probably finding teachers who are willing to participate. However if you tell them it’s for charity and pull a cute puppy-dog-eyed look, you might just be able to persuade them. If not, prizes work well too. Promises so perfect homework or volunteering help at the next assembly they’re doing can be saved for an absolute last resort. Anyway, how many teachers you need, relies entirely on the event you’re hosting. For the sake of simplicity, I’m going to go through the stages of running a 5-a-side football match, but you could do any kind of competition you can imagine, as long as all your teachers and students agree.


Okay, so you’ve got five teachers to agree to play football with some students, now you need the students. This will be easier as your classmates are probably very eager to show up their teachers in something they’re good at. If you have a football team at your school you may want to pool volunteers from there and if it’s proving difficult to find people, again, the lure of prizes can do wonders. Once you’ve got your two teams sorted, and any referees you need for the event, it’s time to book a time and date.


When it comes to finding a venue, you’ll be able to do this event at school. Your school is likely to let you use the gym of field for free, particularly if you’ve managed to rope in any PE teachers! The best time to do the event is at lunch time. This is because the audience will be students at your school and so they won’t have to go out of their way to watch. Indeed, it will make an entertaining show to watch whilst they eat their lunch! The day of the week is completely up to you!


You’ll also need to print some tickets to sell. Start selling at least two weeks before the event, and make sure you give some to the students and teachers involved to sell as their friends and colleagues are likely to want to support them! Also, ensure that you make it possible to buy a ticket at the time of the event so that curious onlookers can come and watch the fun on the day. Tickets should be around £1, maybe slightly more or less, as this is a small amount that students won’t mind dishing out, much more and the price would put them off! These aren’t professional footballers after all!


All that’s left to do is run your event and count up your funds! I hope you have a lot of fun at this event! It’s always a bundle of laughs to watch your teachers get competitive! Good luck!

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