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Selina Pascale


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About Me:I'm a graduate student studying International Criminal Law and first started writing for King's News almost 4 years ago! My hobbies include reading, travelling and charity work. I cover many categories but my favourite articles to write are about mysteries of the ancient world, interesting places to visit, the Italian language and animals!

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Sweet Potato Burger Buns

Sweet Potato Burger Buns

As exams are finally over, I’ve discovered a new fun pastime which doesn’t involve extensive library sessions: cooking. During my many adventurous tales I have refined (to student quality of course) my take on a sweet potato burger. It has all the great tastes of a traditional burger but half the guilt as it’s a much healthier option and doesn’t make you regret it after – the perfect summer fast food!



1.5 pound lean ground beef (or ground turkey if you’re feeling particularly healthy), thawed

2 large sweet potatoes

1.5 tsp steak seasoning

1 tsp garlic, salt, and pepper

1 tbs extra virgin olive oil

One tomato

A small portion of lettuce torn into small pieces

Ketchup, mustard or any other preferred sauces.



Step One: Place the garlic, salt, and steak seasoning into a small bowl and mix. Next, soak the ground beef or turkey in the mixture so it’s full of flavour.

Step Two: Slice the two sweet potatoes into ¼ or ½ thick slices; these will be the burger buns so make sure you have an even number of sliced potatoes.

Step Three: Here’s a fun chance to get messy! Use your hands to shape the seasoned ground meat into around eight round burgers. The size of these burgers should depend on the size of your sweet potatoes, you don’t want a big burger and a tiny bun or vice-versa!

Step Four: Gently drizzle some olive oil over the sweet potato slices then season with salt and pepper. Next, place the slices on a baking tray and roast in oven for 20-30 minutes. Make sure to flip the buns after the first ten to fifteen minutes and wait for the edges to go slightly crispy (without burning).

Step Five: Whilst the potatoes are left to roast it’s time to focus on the meat again. Put the hopefully firmly moulded burgers on the grill. Flip after 3-4 minutes and cook until the desired done-ness.

Step Six: Once both the burgers and the sweet potato buns are ready, assemble the burgers. In order to do this simply place a burger in the middle of two similarly sized roasted sweet potato slices.

Step Seven: Garnish your burger with any toppings you like! I personally use ketchup, lettuce, two slices of tomato and cucumber but feel free to add bacon, mustard or even a poached egg – just combine your favourite flavours in this terrific burger and get ready to eat and enjoy!


Top Tips:

Serve any sweet potato which is too small to be a bun as chips on the side! Also, why not try adding oregano or Italian herbs to the burgers for extra flavour. Alternatively you can substitute the steak seasoning for Nandos Piri-Piri sauce and use chicken instead of beef.



How many burgers you are able to make from the ground meat depends on what size you’d like them and how big your sweet potato slices are.

Hope you enjoy both making these burgers and eating them, if you have any more tips on garnish or have tried this recipe yourselves please comment below!



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