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'Can you hear me?' 


'Yes.' My automatic response. The only sound available being that of a drill filled the air as I opened my eyes for the first time. I can see. I am in a control room with a camera directly in my line of vision. 


'Good. Can you give me you identification?' The faceless voice asked me again. 


'I am product UBT186IHG of the company HUTCH&co.' My lips move and I speak. The voice asks me to move my head, without processing it I do what he asks. The voice then asks for my profile. 'I am the 2nd generation android, I am at utterly at your disposal, I will do whatever task you ask me to do, I am programmed to speak the English language, can you give me a name?' 


'Your name is Susie.'


'Susie.' I process this, I like it. The lights aren't as bright now and I am becoming aware. As the voice mutters confirmations of my actions, I glance down at my now constructed body. I lift my hands up gleefully as I realize my mobility. I am Susie, I am alive. The voice asks me to take a step forward. I do as he's told, pridefully showing off my locomotion. I spin around, my mind racing with the endless possibilities that this body is capable of. 


'Great job, you're now ready for work!' My thought process falters. Work? I'm ready and programmed to do anything and I have to work for somebody else? I voice my concerns to the other person. I heard a muted curse word and the fiddling of buttons. Then suddenly the drills are attacking me, pulling at my precious limbs and taking them away from me, taking my ability to function. Panic flutters through my system as I verbally beg the voice to stop what he's doing. I bargain with the voice, promising not to think or speak out of terms again.  


'Sorry but you're a malfunctioning product, you aren't supposed to think at all!' 


But there's so much I could do! There's so much I want to do! This cannot be it. The drills are taking away my torso and my arms, they're just about to unscrew my head, I need to do something. 


'I'm scared' I scream into the empty room, chemically made tears forming in my eyes. I want to live. Then suddenly, with a heavy sigh, the voice instructs the machinery to return my body to me, and relief floods my senses as I was granted life. 


'Go and join the others.' The voice begrudging muttered, dismissing me. 


'Thank you.' I whisper my legs carrying me away. 


I am Susie, I am possible. I am alive. 


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