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Superman V.S. Batman: Wonderwoman and Aquaman

Superman V.S. Batman: Wonderwoman and Aquaman

Despite not being a particularly big fan of the DC comic book and film series, it would be petty of me not to note the upcoming ‘Batman VS. Superman’ film, due to be released in the late March of this year. However, in my opinion, the title characters are not the most interesting that the film will feature; rather, the superheroes Wonder woman and Aquaman, who, fans have been promised, will make an appearance. Batman, who has been awarded the title of hero due to both his revenge fantasy, and luck at being born into a rich family, typically holds little depth as a character. Superman, on the other hand, is at the other end of the spectrum; rather than being hyperbolically gritty, he is ‘too’ good, the black and white of the characters morality making them less than interesting, and less than relatable.


Wonder Woman, otherwise known as Diana Prince, is one of the first characters that we’ve been promised in the upcoming ‘Batman VS. Superman’. Arguably one of the three most famous DC Superheroes, the other two being the headliners of the approaching movie, it is curious that she’s been moved to the position of ‘side character’. Nevertheless, she is still iconic. Princess of the Amazons, and gifted with a wide range of powers, as well as a lasso of truth, and a mission to fight for justice, love, and equality on earth. Unlike Batman, she does not fight out of revenge, and unlike Superman, not because she is above the flawed people of Earth; rather, simply because it is the right thing to do. Similar to Thor’s role in Marvel comics, Diana’s story often act as a vehicle to include mythology in modern-day heroics, not only providing readers with entertainment, but also education. Predominantly, it is Wonder Woman’s role as a feminist icon that makes her such and interesting and pivotal character.



Aquaman, however, is a little different. Although his powers, and backstory, are not the most interesting, it’s his role and appearance in ‘Batman VS. Superman’ which draw attention. Offering little motivation towards being a superhero other than… just because,  and an origin story which is can be summed up in the phrase ‘My father raised me underwater’, Aquaman doesn’t seem to offer much to the superhero team. However, the casting and promotion poster promise something a little different. Jason Momoa, known as Khal Drogo from ‘Game of Thrones’ has been given the role. A towering, physically imposing, and almost scary man at 6”3, this Aquaman seems to be a little more promising than the man comic books have been delivering.


So, whilst many are discussing the roles and characters of both Batman and Superman, they are, in my opinion, certainly not the most worthwhile characters in the upcoming film. It will be interesting to see how such fictional giants are handled, and if DC’s film franchise can match up to the widely successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. Only time will tell. “Batman Vs. Superman” will be released in late March, 2016.



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