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Reece Jordan

Reece Jordan


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About Me:18-year-old sixth form student, studying English Literature, History and Government and Politics. My articles will broadly cover topics from the current affairs of politics to reviews of books and albums, as well as adding my own creative pieces, whether it be short fiction or general opinion.

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Sunfall Festival Review pt.3

Sunfall Festival Review pt.3

After Ayers was the famed Motor City Drum Ensemble, who, belying his name, is a solo DJ venturing from Germany. He has picked up quite a reputation in recent years with his seemless mix of underground disco and house gems as well as his serious dexterity of mixing. As if by coordination, he came out just as the sun began to pierce through the clouds, and, wamping up the volume, became the curator of the perfect summer mix for the day. The crowd were loving it, everyone dancing with each other, smiles beaming across their faces. The set was so lively that the follow-up, Floating Points, changed his own set from a live rendition of his songs to another DJ. Floating Points live set up, whilst being impressive with its scale and complexity, falls at the hurdle of keeping an already-dancing crowd alive. Like Motor City Drum Ensemble before him, the weather seemed to play into his hands. Just as he began to play Nuits Sonores, the sun began to decline, endowing the field with twilight sheen, perfect for his spacey electronic beats. I have to admit, though, that halfway through Floating Points I went off to get another beer, and, due to the long queue, managed to miss the rest of his set.


Next up was the big one, the man who hadn’t played London in 20 years, and the man who made some of the first house bangers, Mr Fingers. And, in all honesty, he was the worst act of the day. His new songs fell flat, his presence was clunky and corny, and you could tell the crowd was just not feeling it. By the time it came to his signature song, Can You Feel It, a vacuity had spread and the sub-par set had taken its toll on people.


So the day session ended on a sour note. Perhaps it was because of this, or perhaps because my friends and I had been dancing all day, that by the time we reached the Jazz Café at a modest 11pm, we were absolutely shattered. We were already disappointed with the Yussef Kamaal no-show (or break-up, who knows?), and when Gilles Peterson eventually came on, playing songs he had already played throughout the day, we just had no appetite for it. So much so that a few of my friends left within twenty minutes to go home, leaving me and my brother to try and see it out a little bit longer. Alas, we could not enjoy ourselves and so we too ended up following what our friends had done and gone home.


Image Credits: FACT Magazine

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