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Summer Playlist: Part 4

Summer Playlist: Part 4

More songs to add to your Summer playlist!


     1)   Cheap Thrills - Sia  -  A vibrant pop hit from the vocal powerhouse that is Sia. It has a simple and catchy riff that is repeated throughout, and lyrics that sing of having a good time even without money. The instrumental parts are written well, and although the song is polished, it is not overproduced.


      2)  Trouble Sleeping - Corinne Bailey Rae  -  Another song from Corinne’s first album. A song that reminds of walking alongside the French Riviera, bathed in sun, with nothing but romance on your mind. Rae’s vocals are sublime and effortless, and the song is a beautiful fusion of soul and jazz, with a perfect instrumental section in the middle featuring some rich sounding horns.


      3)  Radioactive - Imagine Dragons  -  A slightly grungier feel from this track, that reached its peak popularity in 2012. The song talks about an ‘apocalypse’ and ‘ash and dust,’ but despite this, the instrumental arrangement manages to make the song seem hopeful and dynamic. The electric guitar and synths are probably the most important instruments, though, the vocals are unique and immensely powerful, and certainly make the song what it is.


      4)  Watermelon Man - Herbie Hancock  -  This is perfect if you want an introduction to jazz music. Hancock is a legend in the Jazz scene, and it’s clear to see why. Trumpets, saxophones, light drums, funky keys and more make this song a perfect summer hit. It’s relaxing and upbeat all at the same time, and has a wonderfully catchy melody and addictive rhythms.


     5)  Trapped in a Box - No Doubt  -  A song from the early 90’s that is still enjoyable today. Gwen Stefani’s idiosyncratic vocal style creates a really fun feel for the song. This works really well with the rock-pop feel, especially with the memorable bass and electric guitar. The keys also play a prominent role in the song. The chorus almost has a calypso feel and uses instruments such as trumpets, making it ideal for a summer playlist.


     6)  Boys and Girls - Pixie Lott  -  A perfect pop hit from popstar Pixie Lott at the beginning of her career. It’s an elctropop piece that has a retro style beat. It has an undeniably catchy bassline, and a major progression of chords,and also includes brass instruments. All this, coupled with lyrics about a carefree life and have a good time with friends, add to the positive summer atmosphere.


      7)  Wonder - Naughty Boy ft. Emeli Sande  -  This is an unusually chirpy song from sande, and definitely gets you in the summer mood. It’s a mix of R&B and Soul, giving it a relaxed feel, and Sande’s vocals are smooth and vibrant, singing of how we are all filled with ‘wonder.’

      8)  Hollywood - Marina and the Diamonds  -  Marina’s first hit song that really launched her career, and it’s still a great song. In some ways, it’s all the more relevant, as she sings, ‘I’m obsessed with the mess that’s America,’ and it is hard to dispute the troubles America is currently facing. Marina’s beautiful and defiant voice with its wonderful mix of Greek and Welsh heritage truly makes the song what it is. It has a catchy riff, an even catchier chorus, and a wonderful breakdown.



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